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STD (Snappers Taste Dope)

A———-re yo——–u ca——–lling me dar———-ling? A——–re yo———-u ca———lling me Bi——rd?”

Taken from the bridge of “That’s Not My Name” by The Ting Ting’s 2008 hit, a snippet of this very song was used in a Coca Cola advert that got everyone talking, which brings me to the question, Am I the only human who never found their name on a Coke bottle?


“That’s Not My Name” video shot

The song itself is about a girl whose name no one seems to remember, and the line I’ve quoted above specifically reminds me of some of my friends who’ve been “involved” with girls they never bothered to remember names of, so to stray from any problems, they refer to them as “babe”, “darling” ect…

Depending on how far you want to go with it, “That’s Not My Name” may also be interpreted as a jam that suggests the reality of the lies people tell just to get into one’s pants, on the opposite side we have “Love In The Club” by Usher, unlike “That’s Not My Name”, this number tells a story of a character who doesn’t need any “Four letter word just to get (him) along”, he just wants to make love in the club, no chivalry mask. Speaking of Chivalry, for years his death had been speculated ’til Nelly Furtado confirmed (His death) from her 2006 Loose lead single, “Promiscuous Girl”, The song as well as the video share a similar nature as “Love In The Club”, yes, both videos are shot “In The Club”, Keri Hilson appears in both videos and both revolve around flirting with a mere stranger and of course a possible one night stand.


“Love In The Club” video shot

Chivalry is dead, but you’re still kinda cute


“Promiscuous Girl” video shot

Are you still there?
how did we get here?
To think that we started off with such an innocent song… Well, buckle up, I’m about to kick it up a gear.


“Part Of Me” video shot

When Chris Cornell started working with mega producer Timbaland, ahead of his 2008 3rd solo offering “Scream”, it was speculated that he would be the 1st ever rock-star to make it in the clubs, The album would later be met with mostly negative reviews… Nine Inch Nails creator Trent Reznor went to the lengths of attacking the album on twitter, condemning it as “embarrassing”… guess it’s safe to say the world prefers him (Cornell) as Audioslave/Soundgarden front-man rocker, though Scream wasn’t a total waste of time, In fact, I personally loved that album, with “Part Of Me” as one of the singles, I was sold!


“Part Of Me” video shot

It’s quite a coincident that the “Part Of Me” video has a similar setting as the other two videos I’ve mentioned here… or maybe these artists lack originality… yes, no?

The song is basically about lust, the lyrics “I want the girl but I want a lot, might cross my mind but that’s where it stops” suggest this, as Cornell explains to an established lover that “I swear it never meant a thing, she was just a fling… There’s no other women who does it like you


“Part Of Me” video shot

Commitment issues are also expressed in this number as Cornell sings “I want the girl, but not what she’s going through


“Part Of Me” video shot

Though Cornell’s attempt to get into clubs didn’t get much commercial glory, “Nashville royalty”, The Kings Of Leon earned their 1st number one hit when “Sex On Fire” dominated various charts that very same year, but what is “Sex On Fire” really about?


“Sex On Fire” video shot

Many have misinterpreted this Kings Of Leon hit as being about STDs, mostly because of the title, how the hell can sex be “On Fire” unless it’s burning (where ever that burn may be), well, at least that’s their logic… there’s more, some even sing the song as “you(in an elongated scream, this is correct though this time it is to suggest pain), your sex is on fire, and so were the warts to transpire…”


“Sex On Fire” video shot

We’ve all misinterpreted or misheard lyrics at some point, yes some of it is intentional (we reword songs just to amuse ourselves, hell we spend hours online watching song parodies)though most of the time it sprouts from innocent mistakes.

When I first pondered about this subject, none other than Weird Al Yonkovic came to mind as he is known for his hit parodies, “Perform This Way”, “Constipated”, “Smells Like Nirvana” just to name a few…


“Tonight” video shot

Continuing with our night out vibes, “Tonight” by FUN. is clearly about letting loose and of course, being young and wild, as they sing about setting the world on fire, it all seems jolly ’til you start paying attention to the verses, “I  know I gave it to you months ago, I know you’re trying to forget, but between the drinks and subtle things, the holes in my apologies… Now I know that I’m not all that you got
What is “It” that he gave his significant other? an STD? yes? maybe? no?
I honestly wouldn’t be surprised after all that burning and carrying each other home, but, that’s just me.
The song is still currently the last rock song to make it to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100… rockers better start writing songs about treatment, we need another Hot 100 #1!


“Tonight” video shot

The line “An earthquake to a girls guitar, that’s just another good vibration” in Californication by The Red Hot Chili Peppers always reminds me of how we are all aware of the “natural disasters” of this world, yet sisters still don’t take the initiative to protect themselves, well, most of them don’t, instead they rely on brothers to take care of that admin. If the male doesn’t, well, as the song goes, that’s just another good vibration, they’ll deal with everything else later.

Yes, We’re in this together, but women, BE the captains of your own journeys, advocate your own safety, take care of yourselves, invest in your own protection supplies.