Living Vision

“If there’s one thing that I know, this is my playground, this is where I was told, I could grow old, and if there’s one thing that I’ll say, life is a journey we’re all steering it slowly in our own way… and if there’s one thing that I’m sure, nothing comes easy, nothing can belong to no one, no, not anymore”

Tinarie Van Wyk as Marilyn Monroe in Goodluck's "Stars In My Eyes" video

Tinarie Van Wyk as Marilyn Monroe in Goodluck’s “Stars In My Eyes” video

Directed by Kyle Lewis from Dirty Soul Productions, Goodluck’s  “Stars In My Eyes” video pays homage to the last 72 hours of  legendary female icon, Marilyn Monroe.

Though Monroe embodied the stereotypical persona of the “dumb blonde” she was no dummy, some (like myself) may argue that it’s her “vision like a child” that may have brought her across that way as she was in fact a complex woman who was intellectually curious and poetic.


This day 52 years ago Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home with her hand on the phone… her death has since become one of the most debated conspiracy theories of all time.


“I got stars in my eyes, and the whole world rose up to meet me, with a vision like a child, Yeah, I got stars in my eyes, and the whole world was spinning slowly, cos they can’t keep up with me, me and my mind, me and my mind, me and this mind”- Goodluck


I’ve always believed that a vision like a child is what encourages us to keep growing, cos with a vision of a grown up, you are blinded, no, not as a side effect of old age, in fact, this blindness is not at all physical, but you’re blinded by the illusion of having seen it all.

"If She was any dumber, she would've been happier"

“If She was any dumber, she would’ve been happier”

A vision of a seen-it-all is the root to all stereotypes as well as racism, xenophobia and company. You start to group and shelf people, depriving any other individual the ability to be uniquely themselves… but a part of a community or a “kind” that doesn’t deserve your time or respect ’cause you know them oh so well and all the bad they’re about… but do you really?
In essence, a vision of a know-it-all drags you into a world of monotony as you categorize people into plain good or bad rather than exposing yourself to the wonderful dynamics of an individual that makes them more than just a name, but a living, breathing being whom at any point may grow… learn… adapt.


Having won a Grammy Award for record of the year, it’s no wonder “Clocks” by Coldplay has been sampled as many times as it has. With cryptic lyrics, the song’s title metaphorically alludes to pushing one to wonder about the world’s obsession with time.
Time is all we have, life is all we have, wait, did I just contradict myself there? okay, maybe we have more than just one of the two but we only have as much life as we do time and if time is money then with each passing second, we’re one second closer to deathbankruptcy (Yes, I just made that word up)… well that’s the worst way of looking at it.
What I’m saying is, don’t spend that tic or toc knowing it all but trying to learn it all.

“Life is about getting closer and closer to a goal of perfection you’ll never get to”


Don’t know about you, but I, myself am mortal which is weird because a song titled “The Immortals” is one of those songs I not only relate to, but live by. Assuming that a child already bares a “vision like a child”, expecting the best from the world, how does one prepare them for this tremulous journey we call life?
Written by The King Of Leon, “The Immortals” has lyrics that Kings Of Leon front-man, Caleb would want to say to his kids, words that may perhaps help immortalize a “vision like a child” to one’s soul.


The idea of man not being able to resist the forbidden fruit of knowledge is still in play, not only is it in play but it is also a figurative implications for people who know it all (or at least think they do) having eaten the forbidden fruit of knowledge.
This in essence tells us of the impurities of being a Messiah complex, a God complex or anything other than a child of a greater power.


But what does this all mean?
Being a child of God means you still possess the ability to know, to grow, to feed off the wonders of the world through your unknowing “vision like a child”.

Yes, we can’t go around trusting everyone, though it’s very  important to see each being as an individual being and not to let them carry the mistakes of a person they may remind us of due to their race, gender, skin colour, shape of their chin, hair, voice etc. Likewise, some of our dreams may break along the road, this shouldn’t be a reason for us to stop dreaming and giving each new dream the same enthusiasm and dedication as we would if we had never met failure.

Dream, open your eyes, get up, live, love… once you’ve had enough, carry on.

“So you hum the words and sing the tune of a lonely symphony as the fumes of a decomposing heart make love to the ghost of what once was a colourful ending”

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