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Hang On A Rope Or Baited Breath, Whichever You Prefer

From day one I talked about getting out, but not forgetting about how my worst fears are letting out, he said, why put a new address on the same old loneliness, when breathing just passes the time, until we all just get old and die”- Fall Out Boy in “Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying”

An eye for an eye. A common saying I never lived by, well, maybe I have lived by it, though not in a sense that encourages us to take matters into our own hands.
When we hear this saying, we tend to receive it as a retribution or revenge war cry to shoot the offender down.
What this saying means to me can be iterated in a more scientific way as the laws of science do confirm that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.

“The Mother We Share” by Chvrches is an electronic synthpop number released as Chvrches debut single from their album “The Bones Of What You Believe” I’ve heard a handful of interpretations of this song, some believe it’s about incest, some say it’s about a sibling rivalry, the list goes on, but what I want to focus on right now is the title itself. “The Mother We Share” could easily be Mother Earth and God… well, either or.


Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches

“And the mother we share will never keep our cold hearts from calling”- Chvrches

This particular line alone rounds up the whole message I’m trying to send out through this post.
Life is a movie and we are the stars. Like our past, the road ahead is in no way paved with monotonous particles, if that was the case then we’d all slide down to hell, a smooth sailing, no, I mean a smooth surface can never inspire growth, it being flat means there’s nothing to hold on to, to grab as you climb, pulling up your body weight, to keep the mind awake… alive.
Yes, we’ve heard it a million times, life is short. As we’ll all have good days and bad days, we should never waste our time or divert our efforts to “getting back at someone”, that’s what karma is for… It’s only a matter of time before the person you wish to get back sleeps in that bed they made… “And the mother we share will never keep your proud head from falling”

Looking at the album title (The Bones Of What You Believe) we are once again reminded of how this tremulous journey we call life has the power not only to change us but to kill our dreams, likewise, the things we believe in.

“Never let insecurity and scars of failure/rejection seep into who you are & deviously attempt to rewrite your story or repaint your portrait”- Candice Mncwabe


“He’s a stranger to some
And a vision to none
He can never get enough,
Get enough of the one

For a fortune he’d quit
But it’s hard to admit
How it ends and begins
On his face is a map of the world
(A map of the world)
On his face is a map of the world
(A map of the world)”– 30 Seconds To Mars

This one is for those brothers and sisters who give a little more to make sure that scars of any sort don’t change who they are, I’m talking about the brothers and sisters who refuse to let the hardships of the world ink or leave their prints and or marks on their faces.

“Trouble world, trouble child
Trouble times destroyed my smile
No change of heart, no change of mind
You can take what’s yours
But you gon’ leave what’s mine”- The Dream in “40 Acres” by Pusha T


Trace my face while it’s a happy face
When my smile fades I wanna remember this day
Passion killed by the comfort of time
I’m sorry if this makes you cry, but I have to speak my mind
Suck the colours from my eyes
When they lose their sparkle and forget to shine
Remember all the times you turned me down
I’m sorry if this hurts your heart but where’s the spark, from the start?
Don’t stop, don’t stop
Nothing lasts forever soon we will be sober
So let’s laugh, talk, tickle and taste till the stars fall down

-The Parlotones

Intellectual Freedom (The More I See, The Less I Know)

Accused of being a song about how people use sex and drugs to make themselves “feel good”, “Feel Good” by The Gorillaz knocks on various social and political issues we’ve been faced with since day one.

It talks about how we as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons have lost sight of our most authentic fundamentals. Yes, love is free, yet we continuously misplace it as the salty sweat rolls down our eyes stinging the sight away as we blindly chase our temporary highs.

As the wind kisses the windmill, it in turn tightly hugs our God-given water from the depths of mother Earth, giving us life, giving us love as the blades forever chase each other.

“Windmill, windmill for the land
Turned forever hand in hand
Take it all in on your stride
It is ticking, falling down
Love forever love is free
Lets turn forever you and me
Windmill, windmill for the land
Is everybody in?”

-The Gorillaz


A year ago, I started talking about genuflecting penitently, what!?, alright, lets go a few steps back.
They say what you see in others is a reflection of yourself, right, lets skip a few more steps forward.
The problem with us humans is that we worship God in fear of what’s out there and what we see in others and in ourselves, that’s what I call genuflecting in a penitent way, well at least that’s what I understand it to be. Going on, I feel worshiping God should spawn from our natural love for Him and just that.

“Having heavy conversations ’bout the furthest constellations of our souls, We’re just trying to find some meaning in the things that we believe in, but we’ve got some ways to go”

-The Script

A few years ago I drowned in my passion to try to understand religion, which is wrong? which is right?… I questioned a lot of things about the word of God, I was so bought by the idea of me loving and worshiping God not because it’s the right thing to do, but because His existence made sense to me.
In this quest I learned a lot, I was told that, not knowing but believing in the name of God was or carries the whole essence of faith.
It was when I heard that those who do not “understand” the name of God do not belong to Him, that my jaw dropped… I started questioning myself, was I doomed from the start? was I really born for hell?

“I tried pushing evolution as the obvious conclusion of the start
It was for my own amusement saying love was an illusion of a hopeless heart
Of all of the things that she’s ever said, she goes and says something that knocks me dead
You wont find faith or hope down a telescope, you wont find heart and soul in the stars
You can break everything down to chemicals
But you can’t explain a love like ours
It’s the way we feel, yeah this is real”

-The Script

We all come from different homes and different backgrounds. We all relate to situations differently, we don’t all get the same jokes though we are all human, and being human means that primarily or naturally we tend to assume that everyone around us will get our jokes, that our acts of kindness will be well received. unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.
No good deed goes unpunished is the rhythm of the season and our disinterest in trying to understand or appreciate each person or gesture needs no reason.


What seems simple or straightforward to you may be relatively ambiguous to the next and yes, we’ve all heard about how ambiguity is the devil’s volleyball.
Whether we find good or bad in ambiguity, for the most part it all depends on one’s state of mind. I’m talking about the person you see in the mirror.


Umlazi-20140821-01744 (2)

MGMT “Kids” video shot

Umlazi-20140821-01745 (2)

MGMT “Kids” video shot

A Hundred Million Cold Hearts

21 Guns video shot

21 Guns video shot

Love, Yes love
They say love is God, or is it God is love?
Wording is almost as imperfect as the bare notion of what we think love is. They say it’s cursed by monogamy, they say it is birthed with hate.
Without hate, would it exist?
Without fate does the clock know which motion to take as it waves goodbye to us mere mortals?
As the tic tickles the toc, we die trying to figure out why we’re all here.

There’s a wild wind blowing down the corner of my street
Every night there the headlights are glowing
There’s a cold war coming on the radio I heard
Baby it’s a violent world
Oh love don’t let me go…”

There’s a cold war coming, and it is us
It’s the conflicts we architect amongst ourselves
With family, best friends forever. We’re bound to feel attacked by everyone around us at some point somehow.
Baby, It’s a violent world
One that everyone yearns for a true companion to face the bombs with, to make an eternal bond with, a bond only time can break when we realize that the companion we’ve created such an intimate bond with is just as human as the world you’re fighting against.
Depending on the strength of the bond, one may decide to break off and attempt fighting the cold war alone.

Do you know what’s worth fighting for?
When it’s not worth dying for?
Does it take your breath away
And you feel yourself suffocating?
Does the pain weigh out the pride?
And you look for a place to hide
Did someone break your heart
Inside you’re in ruins”

21 Guns video shot

21 Guns video shot

Released as  GreenDay’s 2nd single from their eighth album 21st Century Breakdown “21  Guns”  Urges you and I to find something to believe in, something worth suffering for till’ the end… this being either a God or love.

21 Guns video shot

21 Guns video shot


21 Guns video shot

21 Guns video shot

Though I see it differently, the music video for this number is said to revolve around a couple that is hiding in a deserted room after robbing a bank, as the video progresses, bullets fly through the wall and somewhere along the line, the couple passionately starts kissing. How I see it, the video is a demonstration of the relationships we have with people closest to us. (ahead of bullets flying through the wall, the couple seems distance  and somewhat unsettled.) Being human means that we will have days when we aren’t so sure about our companions. (As the many bullets shoot in from outside, the couple moves closer to each other and embrace a kiss together.) Upon realizing the darkness, the coldness that looms around the world, we realize the significance of what we have with our imperfect€-perfect companion. So we hold on.

21 Guns video shot

21 Guns video shot

“Love is the strangest feeling

Oh you won’t get enough

But it won’t last forever

’til its gotten pretty rough”

“Build It Up” is a number by South African Pop/Rock band monArk, The song shot up the charts on various major radio stations, including 5FM, Jacaranda, Highveld Stereo and KFM. It defunks the perfect  mass  perception or idea of love, not with the aim to cancel valentines day but with an approach that reminds the listener of the challenges love comes with, an approach that helps us understand that one has to give a little more of their soul than commonly demonstrated (by Hollywood) to make it work.

Build It Up video shot

Build It Up video shot

“Now let your heart believe in

In what you’re living for

No winning if you never

Find a something you adore”

There are a hundred million cold hearts out there, not everyone is gonna understand/get your soul or your fire.
It takes a super human to find a beauty within the cathedrals of another’s heart, though that super human doesn’t possess actual super powers they do possess the compatibility to be one’s companion through this cold war we call life. Shout out to all the super girls €and boys we may have in our lives, not for being perfect but for allowing us not to be perfect.
I find that those that expect us to be perfect or perhaps expect us to (yet) impress, are the ones that are least worth impressing. On the other hand those that are already impressed by us and our souls are the ones that are worth impressing… Those are the humans that inspire and encourage us to give a little more, to be better.

Build It Up video shot

Build It Up video shot