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The Walking Death Of Long Posts


Somebody once asked, “could I spare some change for gas I need to get myself away from this place”, I said yeap, what a concept, I could use a little fuel myself and we could all use a little change

So I’ve just used a verse from Smashmouth hit “Allstar” to suggest that we can all change for the better, but who am I to imply how inadequate the human race is? Who am I to hope that my words could perhaps shake things up? Well these words aren’t really mine, I may assemble and architect them to transfer or convey an idea, my idea of what it takes to build a better world but they’ve never saved anyone. Perhaps this is what we’re bound to become, Surely the body must reject the host to survive, the host being the steadily¬†corrupting human consciousness. zombies We can go on and on about how money is the root to all evil, we can pretend not to care about it but the truth is we all need it. I’m a bit behind with the seasons but I’ve been watching The Walking Dead, if you haven’t seen the show, the name is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s yet another show based on a zombie apocalypse except they call them “walkers” instead of zombies. I’m mentioning this show here because I feel it’s one of the few shows being aired that gives us an idea of what a world where money has absolutely no value whatsoever, A world where man power, loyalty and love are everything, a world where killing is the difference between life and death, a world where a bullet can be a difference between being bitten and not being bitten and yes I am getting carried away as I always do. monark Monark’s “Smiling” music video is something the oh so cool kids would describe as “moist” and like any good piece of art, more than one story is likely to be built from it. In the video we see a not so healthy yet giving¬†protagonist who has nothing materialistic to give. He stumbles on a character who seems to be in need of urgent medical attention and at that very moment the protagonist has to choose between keeping his oxygen tank and live another day or ditch his oxygen tank so he can carry the injured friend to the hospital… in turn giving the friend the gift of life, to live another day. Of course he chooses the latter. There are no in-between, this is how saturated the levels of either selfishness or selflessness are in The Walking Dead. it’s nothing like a billionaire giving away money just cos he knows he has some to spare, it’s the ultimate test of humanity, it’s risking your life for a total stranger, a fellow brother, a sister to live another day, you can never compare it to giving a stranger in need coins for them to eat another day. A perfectly wrapped present from santa is the lowest form of selflessness, so is love from cupid, a birth by a mother, money from a billionaire. Giving up what you need for the benefit of another, now that’s the motion that will forever keeps us together. films25