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Loose Lips Sink Ships




“Last summer we took threes across the board, but by fall we were a cover story now in stores”

You know how meeting someone who listens to and enjoys the same music as you feels like you’ve just met your long-lost brother or sister? that’s something I will never feel towards new Fall Out Boy fans. At least those that become fans because of their new music.

Evolution is a good thing for anyone and everyone and evolving for any artist should be a priority, unfortunately as the artist evolves, the listener wont always evolve with the artist or at least our taste for the art wont always evolve to be pleased by the artist once pleased by and with that, pulling the same note over and over inevitably bores the audience and that’s where taking risks comes in, it’s win or lose, both the artist and the fan simultaneously lose and win, the artist is bound to lose at least a zillion fans but their then new work is bound to catch the ear of a new fan, the fan loses an “idol” and from there on gets to explore other music scenes and artists.

“You can blame your problems on the world for so long, before it all becomes the same old song”

We always give artists a hard time when they “change”, as they try to evolve for their betterment, from the top of our lungs at their shows we shout, telling them that they have sold out to the masses and so on, but why do we then bother going to their shows? See, they say if you don’t get it, then it’s not for you, it’s not for you to get, stop, drop your weapons, rather spend that fire on something you feel is worth your while.

Jay Z said it on “On To The Next One”, “If you want my old shit, buy my old album” as much as I want to, there’s not really much I can add to that.


Heading towards the new year we all have a lot of expectations for ourselves, to be better in all we do and with that comes new years resolutions, our hopes to evolve and adopt new habits, habits to grab it, and by it, I mean “it”, you can’t buy it but you can own it, by next year I’m sure you’ll be on it. Evolution is a mystery. Evolution is a mystery.

Being probably the biggest “Anti-Christ” theory, the laws of evolution are heart breaking. Is He true, or are the laws true? Evolution is a mystery. Written by Motorhead, “Line In The Sand” talks about a point in one’s life when one sees a “line in the sand”, a boundary and having the heart to evolve enough to cross that boundary.

“Evolution is a mystery, another change that no one sees, God makes a fool of history, Yesterday’s so long ago, Don’t agree with what I know, Tomorrow’s just no place to be”

Tomorrow is just no place for the you you are today to live, to survive, so time allows us to evolve as we see our reflection change, it grooms us with today’s hardships, arming us for tomorrows hardships.

“I see the line in the sand, Time to find out who I am, Looking back to see where I stand, Evolution, Evolution”