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Loose Lips Sink Ships




“Last summer we took threes across the board, but by fall we were a cover story now in stores”

You know how meeting someone who listens to and enjoys the same music as you feels like you’ve just met your long-lost brother or sister? that’s something I will never feel towards new Fall Out Boy fans. At least those that become fans because of their new music.

Evolution is a good thing for anyone and everyone and evolving for any artist should be a priority, unfortunately as the artist evolves, the listener wont always evolve with the artist or at least our taste for the art wont always evolve to be pleased by the artist once pleased by and with that, pulling the same note over and over inevitably bores the audience and that’s where taking risks comes in, it’s win or lose, both the artist and the fan simultaneously lose and win, the artist is bound to lose at least a zillion fans but their then new work is bound to catch the ear of a new fan, the fan loses an “idol” and from there on gets to explore other music scenes and artists.

“You can blame your problems on the world for so long, before it all becomes the same old song”

We always give artists a hard time when they “change”, as they try to evolve for their betterment, from the top of our lungs at their shows we shout, telling them that they have sold out to the masses and so on, but why do we then bother going to their shows? See, they say if you don’t get it, then it’s not for you, it’s not for you to get, stop, drop your weapons, rather spend that fire on something you feel is worth your while.

Jay Z said it on “On To The Next One”, “If you want my old shit, buy my old album” as much as I want to, there’s not really much I can add to that.


Heading towards the new year we all have a lot of expectations for ourselves, to be better in all we do and with that comes new years resolutions, our hopes to evolve and adopt new habits, habits to grab it, and by it, I mean “it”, you can’t buy it but you can own it, by next year I’m sure you’ll be on it. Evolution is a mystery. Evolution is a mystery.

Being probably the biggest “Anti-Christ” theory, the laws of evolution are heart breaking. Is He true, or are the laws true? Evolution is a mystery. Written by Motorhead, “Line In The Sand” talks about a point in one’s life when one sees a “line in the sand”, a boundary and having the heart to evolve enough to cross that boundary.

“Evolution is a mystery, another change that no one sees, God makes a fool of history, Yesterday’s so long ago, Don’t agree with what I know, Tomorrow’s just no place to be”

Tomorrow is just no place for the you you are today to live, to survive, so time allows us to evolve as we see our reflection change, it grooms us with today’s hardships, arming us for tomorrows hardships.

“I see the line in the sand, Time to find out who I am, Looking back to see where I stand, Evolution, Evolution”


Sorry Kids, Santa Needs A Toilet Break


I know that it’s 2014, well we’re nearing the end of it… I know, it’s scary! feels like 2013 was just yesterday, which is probably why I’m still talking about it.

Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons was without a doubt the biggest rock number of 2013, well at least as far as money-making is concerned.

The song like many other songs I feature here on Music Smells Like Noise carries a self motivational message, everyone needs motivation, everyone wants the best for themselves, everyone thinks the best of themselves, a murderer doesn’t see himself as a murderer but a man driven by circumstances to do what he had to do, a beggar doesn’t see himself as a beggar, a poor man doesn’t think of himself as a poor man but a man that’s temporarily struggling to make ends meet, our minds can’t take the heat, “All systems go, the sun hasn’t died, deep in my bones, straight from inside”, this is why so many humans commit suicide, when what we expect from ourselves is not met, we are bound to be burnt up by the fire inside.

“We’re painted red, to fit right in”

Christmas, oh Christmas, who the hell doesn’t love Christmas? we all don’t, though we dance to the tune of the season, for no reason, we feel the pressure to be jolly, no one want to be the Scrooge of the season. Posing as givers we give everything we can to those who already have, turning a blind eye to those who don’t. They can’t do anything for us, now can they?  Yes, we can’t all play Mother Teresa, though I think we should all understand the true meaning of selflessness, and not this fucked up notion of giving to receive… I mean, this not so nice habit of give those we know can give back to us. Being selfless goes beyond doing someone a favour but sacrificing something you want or perhaps need for someone else’s benefit whilst consciously knowing you can’t get it back in its form nor compensation wise.

Give It Away


I’m Alright In Bed But I’m Better With A Pen

Growing up having to lie to my dad about my whereabouts, where I lived then and  having to pretend that I couldn’t recognise his voice whenever he’d call were habits  my mother programmed into my young mind with the hopes of cutting him out of our lives, for that reason, I will never really judge my dad for never being there for us, nor will I ever judge my mother for making that decision for us. Once or twice in my life, mother has had the laugh to tell me how weird it is that I act just like my dad though I didn’t get much of a chance to adopt his habits, good or bad. We may not agree with everything our parents do, it may get hard to get along, to hold on to the bonds we’re meant to have with them, though they are still the reason we’re here, and in them, I bet my life.


Time after time the words “true colours” are burdened with a connotation that implies a once hidden ugliness, an ugliness that was once facaded with a beauty that was bound to fade away.

Written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, a Cyndi Lauper hit titled “True Colours” spent two weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, originally inspired by a mothers love and how we grow up mistaking a mothers intentions, a mothers love for animosity, this number is inspired by how a mother would much rather be ‘hated’ by their child than to have them at harm’s way till the child grows up and starts to see and understand the “true colours” of their mothers love, the true lengths a mother has taken for the child… underneath all the shouting and disciplinary actions lies the purest kind of something good.


Often labelled as “soft”, Mr “Nice-Guy” because of my layedback and non-retaliative nature, my views may not be common, though how I see it, “soft” can only be alive when “hard” feelings aren’t alive, unmoved, one sees no reason to be hard-headed, to retaliate. Growing up, I was taught not to expect special favors from people though getting special favours every now and again is pleasant, when I don’t get any or when I get the opposite, I am seldom moved, simply because I never expect much from people, which is why I am more inclined than the average person to let it roll off my back… to let it go.

With our bodies so tightly wrapped around our souls, our souls wrapped with our bodies one can never know another’s soul too well, at least not well enough to understand the reasons behind every move, to understand every move behind each reason, seasons change but people don’t, season after season, choreography remains the same, pleasing numbers step for step, pirouette for pirouette, our intentions remain the same.


“I savour hate as much as I crave love” are words from a Biffy Clyro number, words that only a twisted guy is supposed to relate to, words that remind us that you have to be six feet deep under the ground to reach cloud nine, no, cloud infinity as the good book only promises eternal happiness, love without (the) lust on the other side, where angels fly where nobody cries, under the dust, above the skies.


Demon Low-Life



There have been many theories behind The Pied Piper, but I haven’t seen or heard any that link him to that illuminati “secret” society we’ve all ironically heard of. Think about it, why is a musical instrument used to “mislead” the children of Hamelin? Is this story perhaps telling us about the truth of the choke-hold the media today has over the youth’s individualism?… the oh so perfectly architected and hidden mind control tactics music has over us children of the son?

Without dwelling too much on the story, The Pied Piper is a character from a children’s book who offers his services to the rat infested city of Hamelin, well, he is hired to get rid of the rodents by luring them away with his magic pipe, upon doing so, the city fails to pay him, he then decides to retaliate by leading the children of Hamelin away as he had the rats.


Gorillaz frontman 2D (playing the keyboard) leading toddlers in “Dirty Harry” music video as they sing along

Have we failed to pay our dues? Were we doomed from the start? I don’t know, what I do know is we’re losing sense of ourselves, our humanity, we’re dancing along to the tune The Man is playing as we drift away we follow… loneliness scares us away from pulling away from the crowd, happily lost together, we march.

As kids turn into adults stories turn into legends, trees turn to bibles, life turns to death… God is our safest bet.


“Now and then it seems like a life is just too much, but you’ve got the love I need to see me through, When food is gone, you are my daily meal, When friends are gone, I know my saviors love is real, you know it’s real”

Most famously covered by Florence + The Machine, Candi Staton’s late eighties early nineties gospel-house hit carries what the early 70s late 60s members of the counterculture movement would consider the lionized words of a Jesus freak.

This number exposes the disposability of the things you and I hold so dearly, this being food, friends and everything under the sun, it speaks about the precious things in life you and I can go on without, versus the love we need to see us through this tremulous journey, the road less travelled, self discovery.

Behind Blue Eyes


No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man, to be the sad man, behind blue eyes”

Truth is, we all think the best of ourselves, we are the best, we deserve the best, we have our reasons and we’re always rights, we make mistakes, we’re perfect, it’s just that some people don’t get it, they don’t get us, but who are they? Ironically, they are us, we are each other, we are ourselves, we are at war with us, us and ourselves.

“No one knows what its like
To be mistreated, to be defeated
Behind blue eyes
No one know how to say
That they’re sorry and don’t worry
I’m not telling lies

But my dreams they aren’t as empty
As my conscience seems to be
I have hours, only lonely
My love is vengeance
That’s never free”

Stories told via a medium that we enjoy listening to often give us a chance to see things from the other end, the medium for me being music. Like I’ve mentioned already, we’d all like to think we’re good people, likewise we’d all like to think we know everything, that we’ve seen it all, truth is, we haven’t seen it all or else our eyes would be closed in a box six-under… until then, we all still have something yet to see, to learn.


I for one haven’t had a chance to be a parent, I’ve only heard of the troubles, struggles and rewards of parenthood. “Blue Eyes” by South African rock band The Springbok Nude Girls gives me insight of a rather dark moment of parenthood, in this story the protagonist is a dad, a family man who for some reason has murdered his wife and kids and is now after his daughter who somehow managed to get away. Yes we’ve all heard of such horror stories, on the news or somewhere. From where we stand, it’s always easy to judge the committer, unconscious of the turmoil they may have endured leading to such incidences. Of course my understanding or interpretation of “Blue Eyes” is not gospel and should be taken with a pinch of salt as The Springbok Nude Girls are known for adding ambiguous kicks in their songs, hell, I could be singing the (Blue Eyes) lyrics wrong for all I know as The Nudies didn’t print any with the release of their Surpass The Power album release… well, at least as far as I know.

Ambiguity may lead to a lot of misunderstandings and problems yet it’s a tool that allows the listener to be the artist, the creator of a story relevent to the individual or how they see the world… behind their own eyes.

Screen_20141125_142658 (2)

Springbok Nude Girls “Blue Eyes” music video shot (Final Scene)