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The 12th Daily Bread


This one reminds me of two other numbers, Billboard Hot 100 top 5 hit “The Middle” by American band Jimmy Eat World and “Disappear Without A Trace” by South African band The Parlotones, not so much because of the style of music, but the message it carries. For this post, I’d like to focus on just one of the two. Listening to Disappear Without A Trace we are reminded how important time is in our human existence, how hectic our race against time is. This Parlotones number urges the listener to do two things, one being; to take it easy, to be steady as if you have all the time in the world. The second being; to speed up, to LIVE and be weary of fate and how everything can change in an instance.

From Mariah Carey’s very first album, “Love Takes Time” is a ballad written from a point of view of a girl whom still has feelings for her ex lover. She knows that it will take time for her not only to heal but before she’s ready to give love another shot, to build something new.

After the war, we said we’d fight together, down to the core, the lies were never but still they sever, you still remember how you said this was forever, on track, driven by fate, on time but you should’ve been late, ready but shouldn’t we wait? for our eyes to truly relate, for what we see shouldn’t be a debate. In our prime, still, love takes time.


The 11th Daily Bread


Imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try, No hell below us, above us only sky, No angels but birds fly, yes, there comes a time when every bird has to fly, there comes a time when every rose has to die, when bonds untie, alone they cry, together they fight, out to test their might, practicing their rights, no might can hold it back, add a little doubt and stand back, watch it crack, watch it fall back off track, play that Jay Z track.

Man, if I had a billion rands for every time someone sampled or reworked Jay Zs “Song Cry”, I’d have…. a lot of money. Yes, if I had one percent of that for every time someone reworked the song, I’d still have a lot of money, but I just thought I’d be greedy and make it a billion. Being more realistic, Rihanna, Lloyd, letoya, Keyshia Cole and Ghostface killah are amongst the more than a dozen recording artists that have covered the song. though uncredited the Jaguar Write vocals are the soul and Jay Z verses are the heart of this Grammy nominated number. It is without a doubt one of the leading songs that made the 1st Blueprint album the masterpiece it is.

We all have rights, well, at least in paper we do. In reality the right or freedom to express yourself is bound by ideas inforced by society, this idea being a collective of ideas, two which imply shedding a tear as a sign of weakness, and admitting that you’re wrong as a sign of defeat. In Song Cry we see Hova explore his more emotional side, his mistakes, mistakes that doomed three of his relationships to failure. Though for the reasons I’ve mentioned, us men aren’t meant to cry, but they say crying helps, they say it’s therapeutic. But what happens when the tears just aren’t there, when the pride inside just wont let them out? In Jays case, he lets them out with a song, he lets the song do it, the Song Cry.


The 10th Daily Bread


You’re a canary, I’m a coal mine cos sorrow is just all the rage, turn a blank page, scribble in rage, age is years, sorrow is tears, time can never be borrowed, pain never narrowed, it grows, it goes, it comes back, defence we lack, the fence gets higher, guarded, once again victims we fall, young again we crawl, grounded, we learn, eternal happiness we yearn, mere mortals we are, mere mortals we are, human days can only take us so far.

Loss, in bed we toss, friends, lovers, family, they live, they believe, well, believer or not, one thing we never have to debate is our flesh, its fate. A ticking time bomb, one of these days the heart is bound to play its final beat, lifeless, it will stop, the eyes will close as pain devours anyone who cares enough to listen.

My immortal, your immortal, haunted by what once was, what would’ve been, what can never be. Facing a loss, a loss you can never compensate, a hole, a void tears can temporarily fill, only to be evanesced. The person is no more, alive or not, they are no longer with you (at least physically) though their presence is everliving in your conscience, your thoughts, your mind. It possesses you, it consumes you.

I’ve chosen to convey a less explored facet of this song through the eyes of a young widow. Recently widowed, she is still trying to get a hang of things, from sleeping next to her late husbands side of the bed, to no longer having the kind of conversations she’d have with him, and of course,to having to raise the kids alone.” You used to captivate me by your resonating light, Now I’m bound by the life you left behind”. Bound to playing “Dad” to their now fatherless kids, bound to the life she created with him, bound to constantly being reminded of him where ever she lays her eyes. In her conscience, a permanent resident he resides, a painful reminder of what could’ve been. He is her immortal.


The 9th Daily Bread


We go to sleep in hopes of dreaming, steaming with passion we quote: No sleep for the wicked. In truth if you never sleep, you’ll never wake up, eyes shut, Blind is the mind, kind are the thoughts, so you put your eyes to the sun and say “I know you’re only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding”, finding that something one feels, something that needs no fee, something you can’t see but feel, Blind, we are reeled in, blind, we are the meal, like a moth drawn to a flame, burnt is our fate.

Blind. Said as a word, written as a word, there’s no telling which song I’m talking about. Placebo, Korn, Kesha, Jason Derulo and Hurts all have songs titled “Blind”, The “Blind” song I’m blogging about here is by none other than American alternative band Lifehouse, though not their biggest selling hit, it’s definitely one of their most moving. Before I dive into this number, ironically it’s very clear that the blindness we’re dealing with here is not physical, but rather mental, you might have heard of a band called Third Eye Blind, and their name is the simplest way to point out the not so physical blindness, that lack of enlightenment towards a situation, however big or small.

Though it’s common for love songs to be about a lover, a boyfriend, a girlfriend or that sort of thing. I’m gonna make this one about a love that goes beyond coincident, yes, this love goes beyond choice. Family love. Loving our parents, our brothers and sisters all our lives, we’re more inclined to giving them “tough love”. As a family, helping each other out, it can get hard to see if a family member (or at least someone who’s that close to you) is being harsh or perhaps hateful towards you or if they’re reinforcing tough love for your own betterment. It’s so easy to misinterpret love, and when it all escalates, it’s even easier to lose sight of why we’re here, why we’ve known each other for so long. Our love.


The 8th Daily Bread


Push me up against the wall, young Umlazi girl in a push up bra, all she wanted was to ride my car, approached her just to numb my scar, what we have wont take us far, scarlet starlet and she’s in my bed, kinda girl I would never wed, ego fed, vertigo worn, chest is torn, talking pen, faded ink, soft-spoken with a broken jaw, hard broken my feelings stay raw.

When you think of music royalty, Of course The Kings Of Leon come to mind, I’m kidding, Beyonce and Jay Z are most likely to come to mind. More so because Beyonce is often considered “Queen”… sometimes “King”, I’m not sure why, but I’m guessing you have to be a fan to understand. Something that doesn’t take a genius to figure out is that Beyonce is the Beyonce of that relationship. Looking at our local scene, I’m not sure if we have a music “power couple”, but feel free to tell me if you can think of one.

A special time in rock music, mostly because African talent was involved is when we got to have our own Beyonce and Jay Z of rock music. Well, firstly, as South Africans, we all know that Ladysmith Black Mambazo have toured the world, and I remember how excited I got last year when I heard our local band KONGOs were gonna tour with The Kings Of Leon. Upon touring with Evanescence, Seether developed a good music relationship with the American band, more so the frontman Shaun, and Evanescent frontlady Amy Lee as they pursued their dating endeavours.

Though their relationship didn’t last, their music chemistry was evident when both leaders committed vocals on Seether’s “Broken”. Recorded this month eleven years ago (already), The ballad carries a somber tone with haunting violin traces. “The worst is over now”, This number reminds us that once broken, things can only get better, when you’re down, up is the only direction going forward, the minute you start hurting is the minute you start healing.


The 7th Daily Bread


When it’s over, that’s the time I fall in love again and when it’s over, that’s the time you’re in my heart again, pain runs through my veins, consumed by what I thought I knew, With a different view, I never thought I’d be missing you. Some nights it gets so bad, I almost pick up the phone, Sweetheart is bleeding in the snowcone, So smart she’s leading me to ozone, good times spend together, bad times spent alone, the tone, the moan, the grown, yes grown is time, still, I miss you.

Like All The Small Things, I Miss You is one of those numbers where we get to hear Blink-182 use silence as an instrument in their music, though never completely silent, they are a punk rock band after all. A ballad with breathful backing vocals, I Miss You is said to draw influence from The Cure’s 1983 hit I’d rather not mention.

They say love is a game, to miss someone isn’t, mostly because you have no one to play with or against. It goes without saying, doesn’t it? As far as games go, you win, you lose. As far as missing someone goes, you’re forever a big fat loser, at least that’s how it feels inside. But how does one escape this torture? You can’t. Like a hunger, missing someone is a reminder that you’re alive, you’ll get over it though as long as time is alive, it will surely come back, be it for a different kind of food or circumstance.


The 6th Daily Bread


They say that’s not what He means, But who is He? does His name perhaps end with a Dee and begins with a Gee? Yes, you already know, no need to include the Oh. They say many pose as Foes, toes we stand, book in hand, higher they are, FIRE! they rebuke, choir they sing, attire is a thing, congregation they lead, congregation they feed, weed, they are higher, children of the son, the father, the holy ghost, the holy truth they speak, anyone else is weak, but who’s to say how one should pray? Waar was jy? Where were you? Who knew what others have died to prove? Who knew this number could still make you move? Who knew this classic could still make thy soul groove?

If there was ever a kota song, I’m talking about a quarter bread filled with all that flavourful saucy, meaty goodness… If it were a song it would be titled “Waar Was Jy”. Performed by kwaito’s very own Skeem, this number is not only a number on its own but a throwback to earlier hits. Yes, where were you when Brenda Fassie and The Big Dudes released “Weekend Special”? Where were you when the proclaimed Queen of African music, Yvonne Chaka Chaka released “Umqombothi”,that African beer?. Where were you when Sipho Mabuse’s township jive anthem “Burn Out” was the song of the day? Those are just 3 of the many sampled local oldies in this tightly packed song… Ladies and gents, I’m officially in a nostalgia coma. Take Me To Church.

Where was I? Unfortunately I wasn’t born when any of the mentioned songs were released. A newly familiar old term or perhaps a name(many people go by, but of course there’s only one original) praised in this song  is “Chaklas”, I only discovered it about 5 months ago thanks to The Dushman himself. I uncovered this layer of our Kwaito history when I got a sneak listen of a number The Dushman was then working on, titled “Chaklas”. If you love good music, I suggest you give this hip-kwaito number a listen (Though to be honest, I’m not sure if he has released it to the public, I can only hope). Ten years from now we’ll ask again, “Waar Was Jy?”. You’re alive! no excuses. Smell that funk. Follow The Dushman.

Music. The great communicator