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Didn’t Know I Was Lost

“Waiting for a savior but is he really worth my faith

Waiting for a fighter but will he keep me safe?”


From a tender age little girls are saturated with the idea of marriage, whether it is by parents caregivers or the media. The Disney idea of love and relationships alone is enough to skew how women view love and marriage.

“I woke up like this”. A line made popular by diva/songstress Beyonce Via her hit number Flawless, with the little knowledge I have of the song (How it came about or what it’s about) It is the spoken (poetry) part towards the beginning of the song/video which may lead one to thinking that the number it to perhaps encourage contentment amongst women not just that but to inject independence as well as knowing that one is perfect, that one’s life can be “full” without having a “better half”. A notion that can be applied to us men just as well but we’re sitting this one out as we’ve been seen as the heads and leaders and generally stronger for centuries. As the world transitions and establishes equality between genders, most male artist would rather rap/sing about “balling” and sex whilst many females are making a stand and inspiring each other with their various crafts.

Feminism is lionized by modern society to erode and flush away the mental caveman oppression of females. The spoken part or the intro to Flawless is a sample of a society inspiring speech made by a proud Nigerian feminist Chimamanda Ngozi;


“…Now marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support

But why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage

And we don’t teach boys the same?

We raise girls to see each other as competitors

Not for jobs or for accomplishments, which I think can be a good thing

But for the attention of men…”




Considered a Nu Metal classic “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence has several meanings and inspirations, Amy Lee (Evanescence frontlady) would only later reveal that the number was in fact inspired by her long-time friend and husband Josh Hartzler. With amazing Amy Lee vocals and Paul McCoy Rap-singing, the song has been compared to a lot of Linkin Park’s work but I for this post would like to compare it To “Home Safe” by Ross Jack ft Kat Vinter, though Kat Vinter delivers much calmer vocals the sentiment between both numbers seems to be consistent.

As I’ve begun this posts with the opening lyrics of Home Safe, as the song starts we develop the idea of a girl waiting to be saved by her prince charming but as the song continues things get darker. The lyrics “headfirst into traffic” give us a tragic imagery, the accompanying video confirms this tragedy as we see what appears to be a ghost bride lingering around a dark alley. When we as a society have conditioned a girl into thinking that all she needs for a happy ending is a prince charming to marry her she can sometimes sink her paws so deep into the idea that not even death can divorce her from the dream of being married… So her yearning, bleeding soul waits…



“Now that I know what I’m without

You can’t just leave me

Breathe into me and make me real

Bring me to life”