Shouldn’t Talk About It

Stolen Dance EE

Like most people, I am proud of who I am, the colour of my skin as well as where I come from… I love my home city, but lets face it, it’s no secret that if ever a cool international act/artist comes to South Africa there’s but a foggy chance of them coming to my home town, Durban. It’s always Johannesburg and Cape Town. So naturally, when I first heard that Milky Chance would be heading to SA I wasn’t totally excited… Them coming to Durban was but a cloudy, milky chance… okay, I’ll stop.

This time I was in for a surprise, yea… I’m not sure why or how, but Milky Chance came to Durban.

I only started paying attention to the German folk/reggae/Electronica duo after hearing their hit number “Stolen Dance”, Which leads me to the question… how do I put it? Wait, that wasn’t the question…

Alright, I’ll just dive in.

If masturbation is sometimes referred to as a “lonely dance”, then what really is a “stolen dance”?

Now you’re probably thinking the song is about adultery, I think the same… but wait, it’s justified adultery (if there’s such). If you listen to the words in it, it appears the main character in the song is sweet talking his way out of a tight situation… Perhaps blaming loneliness for his actions of dancing with someone else (maybe he gets lonely because he and his love interest don’t get to see each other as often as they’d like)


I want you by my side

So that I never feel alone again…

I hope they didn’t get your mind

Your heart is too strong, anyway


Above, the main character is basically hoping that his love interest isn’t buying all the rumors and isn’t paying mind to all the obvious signs of him cheating… he’s hoping she’ll brush it off and follow her heart back to him.

From a different perspective, the main character on this song is but a victim of a long distance relationship, though the trust is there, he can’t help but wonder if his love interest is being as faithful as he is, if she’s enduring the pain and cold nights as he is.


Coldest winter for me

No sun is shining anymore

The only thing I feel is pain

Caused by absence of you

Suspense controlling my mind

I cannot find the way out of here


NOTE: The artwork I’ve selected illustrates how risky a “dance” a romantic relationship is, and how trust is an important building block… It’s dumb? Oh well, whatever, nevermind.


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When beautiful melodies tell us horrible things and grisly sounds tell us the kind truth. This is where life and music meet. They say music has the power to inspire change, I say music has the power to inspire vibes. Good vibes and bad vibes. It also has the power to inspire thoughts, but most importantly, for it to inspire change, it must inspire conversation. I smell music, I speak music. View all posts by Ndumiso Mncwabe

7 responses to “Shouldn’t Talk About It

  • mentalbreakinprogress

    This makes me think about my fiance and how we met. We met online…we had to endure a long -distance relationship in the beginning and it’s not easy that’s for sure….I had tried this “online thing” before and had been burned more than once that’s for sure…by the time I met my fiance…I just sort of expected things to fizzle out or find out he’s not who he claimed to be…but the one thing I didn’t allow is for for past burns to change who I am…I like to think my word is my bond…totally fluff when said on the internet but the thing is I am more worried about betraying myself than having someone betray me. I can recover from outside betrayal…I almost expect it to be honest lol but when it comes to myself…I can’t escape myself so I might as well stay true…it does pay off in the end because my fiance and I…although very different, our core values of trust and loyalty could not be more in sync (no pun intended but now the song “Bye bye bye” is in my head lol) Thanks for sharing this! I love how your choice of songs gets me thinking! 🙂

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    • Ndumiso Mncwabe

      Haha! I love what you did with the song there 🙂 This is so interesting Cavelle… I’m guessing you had been “Catfished” in the past… But if this is true, how did you find it in yourself to trust him?… Wait, I think you’ve already answered that. I always say it takes true character for a person not to allow the world to change them, to make them compromise their principles and who they are… funny how trust is the main theme in this post, clearly you guys had that from day one… Thank you so much for the feedback

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      • mentalbreakinprogress

        It’s my pleasure! 🙂 And yes I believe “catfish” is the term for that lol and yeah both my fiance and I had been burned in a similar fashion so we understood what that felt like…we built trust slowly but surely. It was not easy at first but after nearly 5 years together we have both proven ourselves to be who we say we are…that was actually more scary than going to my comfort zone of assuming he was going to be “just like everyone else” but the thing is if you don’t stick by your principles and values…you become “everyone else” and just add to the problem…I may have my insecure moments…and I am far from perfect but I know I am above THAT lol


      • Ndumiso Mncwabe

        You being above it is very apparent Cavelle, but have you forgiven those that burnt you before? The Catfish(es) and what nots?

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      • mentalbreakinprogress

        In my own way I feel that I have yes…I take things like that very hard in the beginning as I’m sure a lot of people do but throughout my life…I have had to learn to disassociate myself painful situations…it’s a bit of a survival mechanism…I’m not saying it’s the right way to deal with things but it does come in handy sometimes…It scares me sometimes how quickly I can “shut off”…I’m working on that one but yeah I’m an idealist at heart so I always try to find the good or the lesson even when something is negative. If I don’t rise above these situations then I am doomed to repeat my mistakes…I have spent too much time in my life dwelling over things that are over…and I still dwell sometimes and beat myself up but it’s pointless and after awhile you just get to a point where yeah, you can forgive…doesn’t mean you have to like it….or forget but it’s nice when you allow yourself to just move on….plus I am a firm believer in karma so yeah I let karma take care of people who are or were toxic in my life 🙂

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  • Ndumiso Mncwabe

    And it’s always good to remember that you’re not the reason they started doing whatever they did, it’s them who had a problem, be it low self esteem or so…
    I myself have been catfished. It’s amazing how hard it is to imagine oneself being played… to not see the signs, until it’s too late… It happens to the best of us… They say Karma is a bad-word, I say Denial is her brother… Even when the truth is right in front of us, we can’t help but believe what we want… What we hope…
    This still doesn’t suggest that we’re the enemy


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