Countless Undercover Lovers


I’ve been roaming around always looking down at all I see

Painted faces fill the places I can reach

You know that I could use somebody


I’ve always mentioned how we as humans are spiritual, emotional beings before we are anything else. Yes, we are feelers, if we feel it, it doesn’t have to make sense in any spoken language. Someone Like You by Adele is certainly one of the biggest songs released within the last ten years, yea, there’s no debating that. The world couldn’t help but feel and connect with it.

Musically Someone Like You is up to standard… personally I’ve always had a little war about the meaning of the song and it’s lyrics. “Nevermind I’ll find someone like you…“? is that really something you’d want to say to someone whom has broken year heart? if you find someone like him or her doesn’t it make them most likely to break your heart the same? Whatever happened to getting an upgrade? I don’t know… Who am I to say? Go ahead, touch that flame once more.

Someone like you and all you know and how you speak… As you can tell, all these lyrics are from “Use Somebody” by The Kings Of Leon. In a weird way this song reminds me of “Someone Like You” by Adele and vice versa. “Painted faces” in Use Somebody suggests a facade a lot of potential lovers have, how they speak, their interests… they may seem like everything you want until you really get to know them.

Amongst everything else, “Use Somebody” is about having a fixed idea of what type or kind of lover one wants and needs. Yes, so many of us can’t help but fall for the same kind of people no matter how many times that “kind” lets us down… time after time, history repeats itself on us, on our love…


You sit there in your heartache

waiting for some beautiful boy

To save you from your old ways

You play forgiveness

Watch it now, here he comes

He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus but he talks like a gentleman

Like you imagined when you were young


God is great, angels aren’t always in white with flow-y hair… When You Were Young by The Killers is perhaps about how we don’t always recognize the good that’s right in front of us.


About Ndumiso Mncwabe

When beautiful melodies tell us horrible things and grisly sounds tell us the kind truth. This is where life and music meet. They say music has the power to inspire change, I say music has the power to inspire vibes. Good vibes and bad vibes. It also has the power to inspire thoughts, but most importantly, for it to inspire change, it must inspire conversation. I smell music, I speak music. View all posts by Ndumiso Mncwabe

11 responses to “Countless Undercover Lovers

  • CC

    Great post…I always thought the same thing about Adele’s “Someone Like You”..It is actually my least favorite song she sings. I never connected with it.
    I understand what you mean about the war, though. So many times, I find myself either falling for, or even going back and trying it again, with the same person. I like how you said..”Go ahead, touch that flame, once more”, I am guilty.
    But still, I never quite connected with the song. Hmmm..really good post.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ndumiso Mncwabe

      I’m glad you liked the post CC, but maybe we could relate to the song if we looked at it differently. Maybe Adele is not saying what we think she’s saying… hear me out; since she heard that her “boyfriend” has “settled down” with someone else… LIKE HIM (or as he did), she wants to find someone else too…

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      • CC

        I think you are right…I just watched it on Youtube with the lyrics…I think it may be a goodbye song
        “Nevermind, I will find someone – like you (insert did)”

        “I had hoped you would see my face and be reminded it isn’t over.”.

        “Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead..”

        I always got caught up in wishing them the best..but the song is actually very sad…just changing the thought on that one line changes the entire song..she is saying goodbye and moving on as well….

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      • Ndumiso Mncwabe

        It’s amazing how understanding that one line changes everything… I guess I’ll stop judging her for not wanting to find someone “new”/better… ’cause clearly she does (or did… I’m guessing she has found him)…
        Now I should listen to that “Hello” song everyone’s been talking about for the last week or so…

        Liked by 2 people

      • CC

        haha…well…it is very good..but she is still on her long lost love in that one…she is good at those…..
        but yes, definitely changes the meaning of this song..
        Great blog you have 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ndumiso Mncwabe

        Refractory Ramblings is a ray of sunshine itself! I’m still trying to decide if I have a favourite love song 😉

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      • CC

        I can’t decide on a favorite either..categories for every emotion, every genre, everything..too many good songs..haha 🙂

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  • faatimaishere

    I like your perspective on this, you are a very critical thinker and it’s admirable. Personally the name, ‘use somebody’ in itself sounds to me like it’s just about take take take.
    Also since relationships are the biggest mirror for our own root traumas and hurts,if you do find someone just like your ex…it will only make you feel the same.
    It’s all a healing process ❤

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  • shinepositivepower

    I really think that using somebody or finding someone like the ex is somewhat telling us that they are still in the moving on process, forcing themselves to get over someone when in fact they are still feeling the pain just in denial. I personally experienced it, we are hoping that we find somebody new but to really be able to move on is to let time heal us and the love will come when you least expect it…at first we may end up thinking them as someone like our ex but really they are definitely better because they stayed and love us. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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