Headfirst Slide Into Umlazi Township On A Bad Bet

No One1

Taking Las Vegas Home may have been about a lover or an ex lover who’s struggling to grasp the possibilities of his or her lover finding someone better than him or her, someone to have something “more” with, someone who’s gonna love their lover better than they ever did…

They don’t know if it’s possible since their love for the person was or is or seems so unrivaled… Trying hard, still, they can’t see why either of them should look elsewhere for what they already had…

Didn’t I take you to… higher places, you can’t reach without me?

But what if we took a darker approach to the situation, what if the heartbreaker is so twisted that they say such words not out of their great undying love for the person but as an attempt to manipulate their heartbroken lover into putting up with the toxic relationship… Trying to make them believe that they can’t get anything better than what they’re giving them… No one’s ever gonna love you more than I do… the words go… the song knows… the song goes…

It’s looking like a limb torn off

Or altogether just, taken apart

We’re reeling through an endless fall

We are the ever-living ghost of what once was

No One3

Once reworked by Cee Lo Green for his 3rd studio album conveniently titled Lady Killer, “No One’s Gonna Love You” was originally done by The Band Of Horses for their second album Cease To Begin.

Yes, before Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie” or Rihanna’s “We Found Love” video, we had the “No One’s Gonna Love You” video accompanying Cee Lo Green’s rendition of the song. In a nutshell, all three videos are basically one and the same thing. Assuming you’ve seen at least one of the three, I don’t need to focus on the actual happenings of the video but the song itself…

Unfortunately most of us at some point in our lives find ourselves in a relationship where we have to deal with a heart that wasn’t broken by us… As we can all mull about the challenges that come with such a relationship, let’s rather attempt to delve deep into the mind of the person who perhaps is responsible for breaking the heart.

No One2

Getting into your first ever serious relationship, you often hope it will last forever, as you invest your all into the love, disappointment teaches you otherwise…

But someone

They could’ve warned you

When things start splitting at the seams and now

The whole thing’s tumbling down

After the first relationship, you go into the next relationship, aware of the disappointment that may follow, making you somewhat hold back a bit of yourself… In some cases, most of yourself… You become, the everliving ghost of what once was… No more bright eyes and a bushy tail…

No one’s gonna love you more than I do

Aware of what he/she has done, the heartbreaker feels that the ex lover is less likely to walk into another relationship as fearlessly and as wholly as they did with them… That no one, will ever get to see how much of a lover they once were, unbruised, uncurled… unbetrayed…

Or so they think

No One4

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When beautiful melodies tell us horrible things and grisly sounds tell us the kind truth. This is where life and music meet. They say music has the power to inspire change, I say music has the power to inspire vibes. Good vibes and bad vibes. It also has the power to inspire thoughts, but most importantly, for it to inspire change, it must inspire conversation. I smell music, I speak music. View all posts by Ndumiso Mncwabe

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