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Sipping Whiskey Out The Bottle & Catching Feelings



Every carpet, every floor

Everywhere I look I fall…

As I rise up through each floor

Shit gets dark when you lose it all

I can hear it coming, I can hear the drumming…



The first time most of the world started paying attention to Naughty Boy was when he released that lalala number with Sam Smith on vocals. Of course Sam Smith would shortly make his own mark with “Stay With Me”, a number he has said to be about the morning after.

Yes after a crazy night under the influence or not, many make decisions without really thinking them through or how it will affect them in the long run… Sticking on what “Stay With Me” is about, or at least what I get from it… Some of us handle one night stands better than others… As some may cling on after one… Some wont even stay to cuddle… It’s strictly business… “No One’s Here To Sleep’, another Naughty Boy number, though this time he has Dan Smith, the frontman of British rock band BASTILLE on vocals… The song can easily be about a failed relationship and how often things end with one party stuck to deal with the puddle of badword the relationship has left them in whilst the other is inclined to quickly keep it moving as they float away…


You were always faster than me

I’ll never catch up with you…

Oh I can feel them coming for me…


On the flip side “No One’s Here To Sleep” could be exactly about just that… We each have our own journeys and caught up in our journeys and their successes we might look down on those who seem less successful in their journey, as if they’re in La La land, asleep… They need to wake up… Truth is, no one is here to sleep, everyone has their own purpose… In the bigger scheme, no one human is more important than the other, yes, it’s such a cliché but the biggest race is not against each other but against ourselves… us and ourselves…


Hit the ground and start runnin’

‘Round the street where you grew up

Make a sound, write a story you can tell

For us, for us and ourselves



Songs: Stay with Me by Sam Smith, No one’s Here To Sleep by Naughty Boy ft Dan Smith, Us & Ourselves by Morning Parade



Lips Like They Be Singing Sexed Up Strawberry Songs



Photo of my gran with some of her grandchildren and their friends. It was taken about 6 years before I was born

Kids want to be at the cutting edge of something new, they can praise and love icons that were made before they we born, yes, but being at the forefront of the making of an icon they can claim as their own is what they’re here for. Being at the cutting edge or birth of the next legend is what they live for and it is without a doubt that I say Lady Gaga is one of those legends this generation can claim as their own. With a string of hits to her name we can all debate which is and which isn’t her greatest or best song though I’ve always felt The Edge of Glory is one of her most honest numbers as it speaks of the very last moments of life.

The song lyrics are inspired or influenced by Lady Gaga’s grandfather’s death and the impact it had on her… Yes we all want to be at the forefront of something new, but what happens when we find ourselves on the midst of something not so new? Something that’s about to end…


I’m on the edge, of glory

And I’m hanging on a moment with you


As a baby I found a best friend in my grandmother, she had already been a grandmother to +17 others before me and time was catching up to her, but I didn’t know that… At least I didn’t want to…

As I grew older, like anyone else would, I ignored how I may not have her in my adult life… I had only known her for as many years as I had lived, she was still very young in my time with her as every moment grew special… It was only when she really fell ill and was taken to hospital that I had to face reality… still I refused, I refused to see her in the vulnerable state she was in during her last days… Hanging on ropes, hanging on hopes of her coming back home… Maybe it was selfish of me, yes, I did it ’cause I knew I wouldn’t be able to face the truth… the possibility of her not coming back home… It was only when she asked for me to come see her that suddenly I felt I could do it… that I could stand seeing her lie helplessly in that hospital bed… To share with her what may be her final moments… but it was a moment… 4 minutes too late…


Seven Billion Lies




Come as you are

As you were

As I want you to be

As a friend, as a friend

As an old enemy


Come as you are… how wonderful does that sound? how inviting? What a relief it is to know that we can come as we are, no need to change, no need to conform to pre assumed standards, it’s a promise of being accepted as we are… Something we want so much from others but fail to give… Yes, we wont admit it because we’re so darn good at convincing ourselves that we are fair people…


Take your time

Hurry up

Choice is yours

Don’t be late

Take a rest as a friend…


At a deeper look, “Come As You Are” by Nirvana lyrically demonstrates how fickle we as a people are… or have become… How we are turning into hypocrites but don’t see it… how we claim and preach one thing but practice another… How shallow we’ve become… How easily we compromise our morals, our standards… A wavering flame… We’re not sure about ourselves or what we believe in… One minute we have the greatest love for our friends, the next we’re curled up and claiming to have no “real” friends, even comedians make fun of how some girls date bad boys thinking they’ll help the bad boy “change for the better” only to dump the bad boy for reasons such as, “You’ve changed, you’re not the guy I fell in love with anymore…”

Sadly the “hypocriticism” (if I’m allowed to make that word up and use it) in the song gets real at the bridge when Kurt Cobain sings “And I swear that I don’t have a gun… No, I don’t have a gun…” Of course the world would tragically learn that he actually did have one a few years later after his suicide…

“There’s good in all of us and I think I simply love people too much… I have it good, very good, and I’m grateful, but since the age of seven, I’ve become hateful towards all humans in general… Only because I love and feel sorry for people too much I guess… I’m too much of an erratic, moody baby…” – Kurt Cobain in his suicide note


2nd and 3rd Liebster Award!

Me been putting this off for way too long! Anand of blabberwockying! as well as Chape of Chape Personal Trainer have both been kind enough to nominate me for a Liebster Award, and I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and thank both of them. I’ve been wanting to become a reader for years and the only decent reading I’ve done is here on WordPress by visiting Anand’s blog, there’s always something interesting there and yes, truth is, I did get into my training groove a few years ago, I’ve been lazy lately and have lost all the muscle mass I had gained… I’m basically the scrawny 15 year old I was 9 years ago (again) though I must say checking out Chape’s blog has reminded me how important it is to keep in good shape… More than anything, the posts there get me excited about going back to the gym. Check it!!!


The rules:

  1. use the picture.
  2. answer the questions.
  3. nominate 10 blogs.
  4. ask the same questions.

The questions:

Which literary genre do you prefer?

… I’m still planning to start reading…

Which book you know and love?

… I’m hoping to start reading soon and find this out…

Which book you’re passionate about now?

… This is getting embarrassing…

Why did you start blogging?

Thought I’d enjoy it… I’m enjoying it!

Order or chaos?


Where would you like to live?

South Africa

Starry sky or sunset?

Making time for both

Better the paper book, rather than the ebook?

Paper seems nicer to the eyes

What is the writing for you? Do you see it as a hobby or hoping for a future as a writer?

I just love doing it… I can’t help myself…

What do you think about social networks?

“Every dot-com is refreshing for a journal update”



And The Liebster Award goes to:




Estimating infinity

AIMazing Grace

Satan Loves A Bomb Scare (Freedom Is The Rhythm)

Paranoia is in bloom
The PR Transmission will resume
They’ll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
And hope that we will never see the truth around… – Muse

Music Smells Like Noise

“I’m in awe of the universe, but I don’t necessarily believe there’s an intelligence or agent behind it. I do have a passion for the visual in religious rituals, though, even though they may be completely empty and bereft of substance. The incense is powerful and provocative, whether Buddhist or Catholic.”- David Bowie


Find something to believe in and stick to it. I’m Kidding, question it til your last breath, at least that’s what I’ve been doing, (minus the last breath… I’m still breathing… I think), it’s what I see as the window to growth, the door to growth. In a strange way, I wouldn’t be fully living to that mantra if I didn’t question it. See where I’m going with this? Nowhere. Come along anyway.

Being a kid in a Christian/traditional, Zulu household, I was told, no, lets say I was taught to believe in God, simultaneously I…

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I Was Messing Around While You Were Saving The World From Nothing

Tired may have not only been my way of encouraging the youth of South Africa to keep going but my way of apologizing for thinking they were incapable of uniting for a course as meaningful as the #FeesMustFall movement.


Think back on what you did

How you’d punk all the new kids

The new wave of exclusive

As if there’s something new, kid


The very first post I ever posted on this blog was about the 1976 youth uprising, how heroic the youth back then were for taking a stand and sacrificing their very lives for what they believed in… In that very same post I may have mentioned how I feel the dot-com age is too preoccupied with style and being cool to ever do something like the 1976 uprising… Clearly… I was wrong.


Allow me to weigh in

On this conversation

Here’s your invitation

To chew someone else’s heel

Your concessions are useless

A filter to diffuse this

Now you have to excuse us

We are moving on


Somewhere between my 1st ever post and this very post, I’ve mentioned and talked about how we as people see what we anticipate to see, yes, we see what we are told to see… We see what we expect to see… You can meet the nicest person in the world and not see it, given that you’ve allowed your preconceived idea(s) (driven by either the person’s religious background, their nationality, their gender or race and the stereotypes attached to them) of the person cloud your view… Yes, it’s easy to misunderstand or mishear someone you already have a preconceived idea of because you think you know what they’re about and their intentions…

With the evidence provided above, I officially admit that I had been brainwashed into thinking very little of the youth, that selfie and tweet are the only two words they care about… As a result, the first time I ever heard The Moth & The Flame, I was so captivated… I thought the lyrics were interesting and true too… without looking at the song title I passionately started singing along, We are young and uninspired!!! God, I felt like such a rockstar… After hearing the song a few times I started paying closer attention… and with the song title, it was clear I had been singing it wrong the whole time… We are not young and uninspired…


We’re the patient performer

The kid in the corner

We were just tuning you out

We are young and unafraid


Yound and Unafraid


Song: Young & Unafraid By Moth & The Flame


3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge Day 3

Sad, sad day… Yea, today is my last day for the challenge… haha! I’m being dramatic, I’ve really enjoyed participating and would like to once more humbly thank Anand of blabberwockying!  for the nomination.


Challenge rules

1. Post 3 consecutive days

2. You can pick one or three quotes per day

3. Challenge three different bloggers per day



Once again my quote today is something I’ve heard from a song… I chose this one for many reasons… One of them being my fascination with the universe and it’s wonders… how it takes care of itself… how life takes care of itself and how very little we know about it…


“Stomped by this disaster town, you put your eyes to the sun and say; I know you’re only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding”- Fall Out Boy

My Nominees today are…