The Love Below



If what thay say is “nothing lasts forever”

Then what makes love the exception?

….So why are we in denial

When we know we’re not happy here?

Y’all don’t want me here, you just wanna dance


Day in, day out, every man in a committed relationship has to choose between either satisfying his ever restless manly desires or to honor his relationship with his lover, to keep the dignity and honor… the trust shared in the relationship.


Don’t try to fight the feeling

‘Cause the thought alone is killin’ me right now


Isn’t it scary how this whole love thing is set up? I mean, there have been debates about us not being monogamous creatures… a debate I’d rather not be part of… Though something I’ve always felt was true is that us men want what we think can’t have. We constantly want to test our abilities, to stretch our luck, to see how much we can get away with, how far we can take it, though depending on one’s self security, you won’t feel like you have anything to prove to yourself or anyone for that matter. Yes, when you’re content with yourself, such desires can be tamed.


When promiscuity and lust is the order of the day, “Love is our resistance“… Well, at least “Resistance” by Muse may suggest so.


Of course some may feel that they have tried this love thing and failed enough times for them to settle for nothing more than the love below, “Happily ever after below the waist”… Well at least “Bang The Doldrums” by Fall Out Boy may suggest so.

“I’m already taken”, how often do we say those word? More especially to people we would date if we weren’t otherwise taken? Unfortunately some of us could bring ourselves to saying them.

Written By RnB legend R. Kelly and sung by recording RnB artist Trey Songz, “Already Taken” is a number that along with it’s accompanying video embellish the idea of being taken of curbing our “player” tendencies… The idea of being committed.

About Ndumiso Mncwabe

When beautiful melodies tell us horrible things and grisly sounds tell us the kind truth. This is where life and music meet. They say music has the power to inspire change, I say music has the power to inspire vibes. Good vibes and bad vibes. It also has the power to inspire thoughts, but most importantly, for it to inspire change, it must inspire conversation. I smell music, I speak music. View all posts by Ndumiso Mncwabe

3 responses to “The Love Below

  • Laura P. Schulman, MD, MA

    From what I’ve observed, and from conversations with people of every possible gender assignment/non-assignment (well, not EVERY possible, since I’m sure there are ones I’m not aware of), people are born with either monogamy, or some version of other-than-monogamy. This I’d not gender-based, although I think more females than males would call themselves monogamous. That, however, gives rise to a mathematical problem: if most males are non-monogamous but most females are monogamous, then that must mean that there is a small-ish group of females who are servicing a large-ish group of males. Hm.

    Liked by 1 person

  • CC

    Glad to see you and great, thought provoking post. I love Laura’s thoughts on this.
    While I do agree that more males tend to act out and actually are unfaithful to a partner..I tend to be of another thought. I think that both male and female/ all sexual orientations lean toward non-monogamous behavior/thought.
    It is a continued and thoughtful effort to stay monogamous throughout a relationship, I believe for most people. Just as a relationship takes work, so does that.
    I think most females, if asked, are more likely to deny thoughts of thinking of an affair or having an affair. This is changing. Some studies have shown that up to 50% of women have had an affair.
    For some men it is easier to be faithful than women.
    I love how you put..”I am already taken” many times have we said those words…when knowing we want to go out with that person if we were not already with someone.
    I know I have.
    Great post.


  • teresarclay

    This is so dark and inviting. Love it!


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