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The 12th Daily Bread


This one reminds me of two other numbers, Billboard Hot 100 top 5 hit “The Middle” by American band Jimmy Eat World and “Disappear Without A Trace” by South African band The Parlotones, not so much because of the style of music, but the message it carries. For this post, I’d like to focus on just one of the two. Listening to Disappear Without A Trace we are reminded how important time is in our human existence, how hectic our race against time is. This Parlotones number urges the listener to do two things, one being; to take it easy, to be steady as if you have all the time in the world. The second being; to speed up, to LIVE and be weary of fate and how everything can change in an instance.

From Mariah Carey’s very first album, “Love Takes Time” is a ballad written from a point of view of a girl whom still has feelings for her ex lover. She knows that it will take time for her not only to heal but before she’s ready to give love another shot, to build something new.

After the war, we said we’d fight together, down to the core, the lies were never but still they sever, you still remember how you said this was forever, on track, driven by fate, on time but you should’ve been late, ready but shouldn’t we wait? for our eyes to truly relate, for what we see shouldn’t be a debate. In our prime, still, love takes time.