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The 5th Daily Bread


There comes a time in a mans life when he stops trying to save the world and starts trying to save himself from the world instead. Yes ladies and gents, this is our fifth daily bread.

They say your head can be a prison, I say your head can be the reason, a reason, no, more than that, an ability to climb out of yourself, your circumstances. See, with a reason, a head on your shoulders, a mind, there’s everything to gain, a slave, the body is in pain, a victim, nothing can be gained, unchained, growth remains, yes our heads can be prisons, none but ourselves can free our minds none but our hands can lift the blinds, In our minds we’re confined, freedom we can’t find, uprising we confront, doubt, our decomposing minds fertilize the soil that feeds the tree, doubt, we’ll never be free, united, dwarfed by the big tree, mentally free, We’re the small ax that could fall the big tree.

Redemption song, an acoustic ballad performed by the great Bob Marley & The Wailers. It’s a song from their iconic Uprising album. Straying away from their usual reggae beats, “Redemption Song” features an acoustic guitar and of course Bob Marley singing his locks on, as he does.

The song is a cry for freedom, no, let’s make it a war cry for freedom. After being given only this much for so many years, it’s unfortunate that the mind only expects a certain much, though aware of its infinite capacity it’s bound by an everliving imprisonment that allows it to see itself up to a sizeable level. This early eighties late seventies number has significant political references that date back decades before its official release.

Redemption, correction, redemption. We can’t control time, we can’t control the past, the trick is not to let it control us, the future is us. Lets redeem the time lost, lets redeem what has been won. There comes a time in a mans life when he has to free himself intellectually, spiritually and mentally, to teach by example, to live by example. For taking care of self is a small ax that could fall the big tree.

The 4th Daily Bread



Drop a heart, break a name, a broken heart a spoken name, bent truth filled with shame, spoken words designed to mend, to give back what the heart has spent, to unspeak what the mind has said, To unhear what the heart has heard. It doesn’t matter how many trips you’ve had around the sun, The game we play but falling is never fun, We put on our smart pants and intend the pun, We multiply the meaning why it all begun, began, Mistakes weigh a tone, again we fall, we fall again.

Originally co-written by Robin Thicke for Michael Jackson’s (You Rock My World containing)Invincible album, Fall Again has been worked by two major artists, one of them being Glenn Lewis, Of course we can fight about this til the end, but as much of a legend Michael Jackson was, I can’t Imagine him doing a better job than Glenn did on this particular number. Michael Jackson’s version not being finished or not being ready for his album release is divine intervention if you ask me.

It’s such a cliché for couples to claim they fall in love with each other everyday, it makes us realists want to punch them in the stomach and pull their hair, spit on them and maybe gauge their eyes out… Damn! That Eminem number has been playing in my head all day. Moving on, Fall Again is a romantic number, it boarders on fantasy, it’s the kind of jam folks want to hear on their wedding day. It is set to inspire any couple not to lose sight of their love for each other, to maintain that young love vibe, cos when love is treated as old, it stops growing and is then seldom worth staying for.


The 3rd Daily Bread


Unread, unwritten, the journey is lived, uncertain, unsteady for what the lord has to give, untraveled, unsure where the hell does this road lead? breathe, seed, grow, see, go, walk, take a step, nothing could prep for what time is yet to unpack, time never goes back, mind clever goes whack, forward, forward, fast never lasts, shortcut never learns, shortcut never earns, steady never burns, steady, we adjourn this meeting of words, we commence the seeding of thoughts, sense is never bought, a mother cannot be bought, this idea, a child can never abort.

To Zion, a number based on a conversation a mother-to-be has with herself, with her unborn child. Unsure of which path to take, pressured to use her head selfishly, selflessly instead, she uses her heart. Performed By Lauryn Hill the title implies a dedication or perhaps a love letter to a joy that is yet to be. A joy that deserves a chance to live.

Not dwelling on Lauryn Hill’s breath-taking vocal abilities, one can say the notion or that motherly love air “Acappella” by Kelis has is in a big way a page from this number. They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing ’til you have it. They say life is a gift, not everyone gets to give it. I have always been very vocal about my appreciation for mothers, women as a whole. Anyone whom has ever been blessed with a mothers love and claims they’ve never seen sacrifice is a big fat liar. Giving birth is the first step but it’s the journey, selflessness and compromises that follow that make a human being, a mother.