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I Was Messing Around While You Were Saving The World From Nothing

Tired may have not only been my way of encouraging the youth of South Africa to keep going but my way of apologizing for thinking they were incapable of uniting for a course as meaningful as the #FeesMustFall movement.


Think back on what you did

How you’d punk all the new kids

The new wave of exclusive

As if there’s something new, kid


The very first post I ever posted on this blog was about the 1976 youth uprising, how heroic the youth back then were for taking a stand and sacrificing their very lives for what they believed in… In that very same post I may have mentioned how I feel the dot-com age is too preoccupied with style and being cool to ever do something like the 1976 uprising… Clearly… I was wrong.


Allow me to weigh in

On this conversation

Here’s your invitation

To chew someone else’s heel

Your concessions are useless

A filter to diffuse this

Now you have to excuse us

We are moving on


Somewhere between my 1st ever post and this very post, I’ve mentioned and talked about how we as people see what we anticipate to see, yes, we see what we are told to see… We see what we expect to see… You can meet the nicest person in the world and not see it, given that you’ve allowed your preconceived idea(s) (driven by either the person’s religious background, their nationality, their gender or race and the stereotypes attached to them) of the person cloud your view… Yes, it’s easy to misunderstand or mishear someone you already have a preconceived idea of because you think you know what they’re about and their intentions…

With the evidence provided above, I officially admit that I had been brainwashed into thinking very little of the youth, that selfie and tweet are the only two words they care about… As a result, the first time I ever heard The Moth & The Flame, I was so captivated… I thought the lyrics were interesting and true too… without looking at the song title I passionately started singing along, We are young and uninspired!!! God, I felt like such a rockstar… After hearing the song a few times I started paying closer attention… and with the song title, it was clear I had been singing it wrong the whole time… We are not young and uninspired…


We’re the patient performer

The kid in the corner

We were just tuning you out

We are young and unafraid


Yound and Unafraid


Song: Young & Unafraid By Moth & The Flame