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Me when I’m asking myself deep stuff, like, What would I be without music?… No, Some of you may know this brother as Ex. Funny pic.


Have I ever mentioned my narrow-minded know-it-all view of our local music scene? Well, how I see it, the scene is rather healthy though it doesn’t take a mega mind analyst of any sort to see that it isn’t as steady as the scene we may see overseas (more specifically the U.S). I’d say it’s reasonable to suspect that our music industry or the pond we have here is rapidly filling up with big fish mostly because so many of us want to be the big fish, we want to be the star, we want to be rappers and Deejays and not enough of us are willing to dedicate ourselves to expanding this pond into the sea it can be. For God’s sake, let us construct and study the ins to marketing our local talents and be the masterminds behind the growth.

Whenever I hear the name HHP, amongst other classic hits, Harambe comes to mind though it’s “Music And Lights” that made me see HHP as more than just a rapper or artist but an informer, a conversation starter, someone who could help take our local music scene to different heights. Yes, we all enjoyed seeing American singer Amerie in the Music And Lights video, but it’s what Jabba says towards the start of the song that really caught my attention…

(Music and Lights by HHP composes of a sample from an 80s hit of the same title by a three-piece post-disco band Imagination.)

“What would Jabba be without a sample?” A Question that makes you want to ask even more questions or share your two cents on a blog as I’m doing right now. I’ve mentioned on The Mass Mentality Of Conformity post how Hip Hop could survive without samples but mostly revolves around samples, one of SA’s most recognisable hip hop artists right now AKA can back this up, especially since his mega hits Jealousy and Congratulate both consist of samples. Where would his career be without those two numbers? He certainly wouldn’t have as many awards, would he? which leads me to a question I’ve been wanting to ask since the first paragraph. Where would Jay Z be without a sample?

Though one of my most favourite moments of Jay Z’s career was when he released a Smells Like Teen Spirit sampling number as his lead single for his record-breaking first week sales (For his Magna Carta Holy Grail album)… Who could forget that? But it was when he sampled a jingle from a broadway play; Annie that he first caught the ear of the mainstream audience leading him to being the hip hop giant you see today. (In his words he went…)From lukewarm to hot.

We see hot new artists come and go all the time, of course some do stay. It’s so easy fo us, the audience to disregard the work and years the “hot new” artist has endured to be what they are, in fact, they themselves may not particularly feel new.

What would Jabba be without a sample? wait, lemme take it further, what would Cassper Nyovest be without Jabba? Invisible Alive. Yes, he’d be the same person with just as much passion and drive, though I’m not sure if he’d have all those cool awards to his name as he does. There are so many other Cassper Nyovest out there hustling for recognition… unfortunately if more Hip Hop Pantsulas don’t rise up to offer opportunities, that is all they’ll ever be.


Invisible Alive

We all love a good story, just as long as it has a happy ending. People want stories that can inspire them going forward, through whatever adversity they may be experiencing. They want a story that will remind them that there is perhaps a light at the end of the tunnel for them too, that it does get better. This of course leaves the average Joe whom themselves is still on the course of achievement, of self betterment in the lonely pits of silence. No one wants to hear a story that is still being written.

Writing about how a black boy from the dirtiest streets of the township of Umlazi established such a spiritual relationship with rock music and continues to be scrutinized for that relationship is not what I’ll be doing here, instead I’ll touch on something a few other South Africans born during the apartheid era have been scrutinized or teased for, that of course being our second names.

During the apartheid era it became a custom for black parents to give their children at least one western name. Post-apartheid, a lot of my black brothers and sisters wear their western names as a badge of shame, they are embarrassed by these names, not because they are a sign of the mental imprisonment the apartheid regime had on some of our parents and grandparents but because we ourselves think very little of our names, this arming these very names we don’t understand with the ability to humiliate us.

I for one am glad my grandmother named me Cyprian, not because I think it sounds good, but because I see Saint Cyprian as an inspiration. We often find heroes that fight for what they believe in, a hero that lays down his life and is willingly beheaded in public for what he believed in is something not widely glorified by Hollywood, and that’s what Saint Cyprian was. Someone I know who wears his “western name” as a badge of honour, is of course our brother Genius Brown. Genius Brown is a young, talented up and coming Durban based producer/Deejay who has a great passion for his music.


Having started his Deejaying under the mentorship of DJ Jili Pepsy (whom some of you may know) back in 2010, Genius Brown has made his star potential known upon releasing his 1st number entitled “Tribal War” under MD Hustle records, this particular track was very popular on Traxsource. His remixes of a couple of well-known tracks also proved to be popular on various audio sites.


With nothing but a dream, a drive to show the world his talent, the world is not ready to hear his story. Invisible alive Genius Brown continues to capture crowds of house music lovers and plays small venues in and around Durban and Johannesburg. With his natural flair for music he carries a dream to one day own his very own record company under his brand “Genius Brown” merely to nurture not only his music but any other talent that dares to grow.


Invisible to the world, alive is the dream, our lives are a silent scream, success we dream of, our hustle we scream of, not yet there, our hard work, unheard of.


Hearable Noise

“If a tree falls in a forest  and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”


If a baby is born and no one is there to hear it, does it cry?… No? Yes? Maybe? what? did you just answer that? who on Earth gave birth to it then?

Try this one, If the 1st human was Adam, why was he given the ability to grow, age and face the challenges of adulthood if he didn’t have or experience the joys of being a kid nor got the chance to suckle on a mother’s breast? I joke, no answers needed.


Wait, I just remembered that this is actually a music blog…

I have the honour of helping invade your world with a young talent, unborn a minute ago, his name will soon take its first breath in your conscience, his music will lay a seed of judgement… however it may sprout, his talent is undoubtedly present.

Introverted he has no trouble keeping to self as his creative juices drip from mind to paper, he savours his alone time, confronted by extroverts, toe to toe he brings it.
When he first shared his video entitled “How Can I Forget”, his charisma or should I say the “Swag” that the mass today is oh so infatuated with was apparent, that’s when I knew I had to write about him.
He goes by the name “Luck Jay”, an up and coming rapper, singer, producer, he has a lot to offer.


One of his tracks that immediately stuck on my mind, was “Girl With A Tattoo”, assisted by… well, himself, Luck Jay laid down the main vocals as well as the backing vocals on this number.
what I like most about this particular song is the intended amateur, playful nature of it, yes, he was playing around when he recorded it though the lyrics suggest otherwise…
With his mantra, “When it’s your time, it’s your time”, it’s only a matter of time before he makes it, and when he does, will he still have that wide-eyed, bushy-tale approach to his music as he does today? we’ll have to wait and see…


Sung by Sarah McLachlan, these lyrics from “Silence” by Delirium(spelling varies) suggest that it’s our passion that kills the beauty within all of us which I like referring to as “a vision like a child”…
I’m willing to debate this, but through interconnections, somehow money is something we’re all passionate about “hungry still for me” suggests the plain fact that no one ever gets enough of it, and once an artists tastes a great deal of it, their primary sole passion for making genuine music is preceded by their (now) sharpened passion for making money, whether they know it or not, it slowly but surely starts to rule them.

“Sunshine in an empty place” are words from the Corona classic “Rhythm Of The Night” most recently reworked by British rock band, Bastille,
I feel that these words resonate with this post cause that’s where pure sunshine is, in an “empty place”, a place where a tree smashing onto the ground wouldn’t be heard, a place where being heard is the only object, a place where hunger lives, a hunger to grow as the mind and thoughts photosynthesize to fill the soul’s desires, in a place where striving is the only option, no, not to be the best money-maker but the best artist…

“stomped by this disaster town, you put your eyes to the sun and say ‘I know you’re only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding'”- Fall Out Boy
As fame/fortune isn’t for everyone, the rest of us hypothetically stand a greater chance to preserve the sunshine within… at least that’s a belief that helps me sleep at night

I ask again, If a tree falls in a forest  and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?, if an artist is born and no one sees their art, are they still an artist? well, I don’t know, but those who do, claim that to be is to be perceived…


The notion is: To be "perceived" or known, one must be provocative or perhaps controversial, methinks not

The common notion is: To be “perceived” or known, one must be provocative or perhaps controversial, methinks not

This may be the 1st time I mention Luck Jay on a post, but it most definitely wont be the last, for more on Luck Jay and his music, follow him on Twitter @LuckjaySA, and don’t forget to give his music a listen, you wont regret it, cheers.

By the way, if you have a question or would like to do some work with Luck Jay, feel free to ask.