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Bigger Than Jesus

Currently serving a life sentence, Mark Chapman was denied parole for the 8th time back in 2012. Receiving an autograph from John Lennon a few hours before assassinating him, Mark says he had to end John Lennon’s life after learning about claims and stats that ranked The Beatles popularity higher than Jesus…





Still wonder if this shit is real

I get on the stage and women scream like Meek Mill

Fucking in some nollis bar with…

I took off my pants and she said short gun long dick… Load up the chopper like it’s December 31st

Roll up and cock it and hit them niggas where it hurts

If I die today, Remember me like John Lennon

Buried In Louie, I’m talking all brown linen



They say everybody loves a hero, but what makes a hero? The villain of course, okay scratch that, before I go on a tangent I’ll come up with a different answer, perhaps one that is less mind wrecking to all of us, better yet, let me just insert the music part of this post while I’m at it, as music fans we all have music heroes, and with that, there’s something rather magical that happens when an artist decides to pay homage to an artist they perhaps look up to. With hip hop stars going on about how absolutely awesome they are in every other song, it’s refreshing when they rap or write in praise of an artist before them.

I think we can all agree that “Doc Shebeleza” was the biggest hip hop song in SA back in 2014, a song that pays homage to hip hop’s very own Doc Shebeleza, I don’t know if any one noticed this, but if you’re not from South Africa, “Doc Shebeleza” is basically a downplayed version of “John” by Lil Wayne. Both songs are titled after respected artists, both songs lionize living the life of a rockstar and well, the energy of the song is very much the same. Undress your mind and play Lil Wayne’s “John”, ignore the lyrics and rap/sing “Doc Shebeleza” over it an all will be obvious.

“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic, It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost”- Arthur Ashe


Satan Loves A Bomb Scare (Freedom Is The Rhythm)

Paranoia is in bloom
The PR Transmission will resume
They’ll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
And hope that we will never see the truth around… – Muse

Music Smells Like Noise

“I’m in awe of the universe, but I don’t necessarily believe there’s an intelligence or agent behind it. I do have a passion for the visual in religious rituals, though, even though they may be completely empty and bereft of substance. The incense is powerful and provocative, whether Buddhist or Catholic.”- David Bowie


Find something to believe in and stick to it. I’m Kidding, question it til your last breath, at least that’s what I’ve been doing, (minus the last breath… I’m still breathing… I think), it’s what I see as the window to growth, the door to growth. In a strange way, I wouldn’t be fully living to that mantra if I didn’t question it. See where I’m going with this? Nowhere. Come along anyway.

Being a kid in a Christian/traditional, Zulu household, I was told, no, lets say I was taught to believe in God, simultaneously I…

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I Was Messing Around While You Were Saving The World From Nothing

Tired may have not only been my way of encouraging the youth of South Africa to keep going but my way of apologizing for thinking they were incapable of uniting for a course as meaningful as the #FeesMustFall movement.


Think back on what you did

How you’d punk all the new kids

The new wave of exclusive

As if there’s something new, kid


The very first post I ever posted on this blog was about the 1976 youth uprising, how heroic the youth back then were for taking a stand and sacrificing their very lives for what they believed in… In that very same post I may have mentioned how I feel the dot-com age is too preoccupied with style and being cool to ever do something like the 1976 uprising… Clearly… I was wrong.


Allow me to weigh in

On this conversation

Here’s your invitation

To chew someone else’s heel

Your concessions are useless

A filter to diffuse this

Now you have to excuse us

We are moving on


Somewhere between my 1st ever post and this very post, I’ve mentioned and talked about how we as people see what we anticipate to see, yes, we see what we are told to see… We see what we expect to see… You can meet the nicest person in the world and not see it, given that you’ve allowed your preconceived idea(s) (driven by either the person’s religious background, their nationality, their gender or race and the stereotypes attached to them) of the person cloud your view… Yes, it’s easy to misunderstand or mishear someone you already have a preconceived idea of because you think you know what they’re about and their intentions…

With the evidence provided above, I officially admit that I had been brainwashed into thinking very little of the youth, that selfie and tweet are the only two words they care about… As a result, the first time I ever heard The Moth & The Flame, I was so captivated… I thought the lyrics were interesting and true too… without looking at the song title I passionately started singing along, We are young and uninspired!!! God, I felt like such a rockstar… After hearing the song a few times I started paying closer attention… and with the song title, it was clear I had been singing it wrong the whole time… We are not young and uninspired…


We’re the patient performer

The kid in the corner

We were just tuning you out

We are young and unafraid


Yound and Unafraid


Song: Young & Unafraid By Moth & The Flame



Silent rebel


There’s a wild wind blowing

Down the corner of my street

Every night there, the headlights are glowing

There’s a cold war coming

On the radio I heard

Baby, It’s a violent world


Love. We are born with it, it brings us together, grounding us.

Time. We are taken by it, tightly by the wrist it drags us from life to death. Man’s greatest enemy… Maybe.

What a time to be alive, what a time to be born, freedom we are told, freedom we are promised, born is the free generation, only for age, for time to teach them otherwise… freedom, nowhere to be found, passionately looking, a world once full of wonder through the young eyes is corroding, peeling away as pleas are violently handled…


I hear it coming

I can hear the sirens sound…


Time came creeping

Time’s a loaded gun…


Though born with the ability to reason, to love… Born into a world claiming to be what it isn’t… A world ruled by a system that takes but never gives, a bad word, a fuck. A world designed to hold the young minds down as time drags them quietly to the grave… It’s time to resist… Yes… It is time…


Gravity release me

And don’t ever hold me down

Now my feet won’t touch the ground



Song: Life In Technicolor by Coldplay

Countless Undercover Lovers


I’ve been roaming around always looking down at all I see

Painted faces fill the places I can reach

You know that I could use somebody


I’ve always mentioned how we as humans are spiritual, emotional beings before we are anything else. Yes, we are feelers, if we feel it, it doesn’t have to make sense in any spoken language. Someone Like You by Adele is certainly one of the biggest songs released within the last ten years, yea, there’s no debating that. The world couldn’t help but feel and connect with it.

Musically Someone Like You is up to standard… personally I’ve always had a little war about the meaning of the song and it’s lyrics. “Nevermind I’ll find someone like you…“? is that really something you’d want to say to someone whom has broken year heart? if you find someone like him or her doesn’t it make them most likely to break your heart the same? Whatever happened to getting an upgrade? I don’t know… Who am I to say? Go ahead, touch that flame once more.

Someone like you and all you know and how you speak… As you can tell, all these lyrics are from “Use Somebody” by The Kings Of Leon. In a weird way this song reminds me of “Someone Like You” by Adele and vice versa. “Painted faces” in Use Somebody suggests a facade a lot of potential lovers have, how they speak, their interests… they may seem like everything you want until you really get to know them.

Amongst everything else, “Use Somebody” is about having a fixed idea of what type or kind of lover one wants and needs. Yes, so many of us can’t help but fall for the same kind of people no matter how many times that “kind” lets us down… time after time, history repeats itself on us, on our love…


You sit there in your heartache

waiting for some beautiful boy

To save you from your old ways

You play forgiveness

Watch it now, here he comes

He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus but he talks like a gentleman

Like you imagined when you were young


God is great, angels aren’t always in white with flow-y hair… When You Were Young by The Killers is perhaps about how we don’t always recognize the good that’s right in front of us.


Rebirth: Between The Noise You Hear & The Sounds You Like Comes The Evolution





Then: When sound makes no sense


Now : Music, The Great Communicator





Then: As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we each hear music differently. With all the different genres, we enjoy different types of it, we understand it differently, we relate to it differently, it inspires us according to our various circumstances. After ages of being around, music still smells as fresh.


Now : When beautiful melodies tell us horrible things and grisly sounds tell us the kind truth.

This is where life and music meet.

They say music has the power to inspire change, I say music has the power to inspire vibes. Good vibes and bad vibes. It also has the power to inspire thoughts, but most importantly, for it to inspire change, it must inspire conversation.

I smell music, I speak music.

A Dream is Broken, Now The Mind Must Be Woken




“Until then…

I keep attracting into my experience, a state of limbo…list of things to do but only when this one obstacle is out of the way first…

So I write it out and simply put it to rest…until then

In the mean time what is there to do?

My reflection is blatantly staring back at me but my perception blinds me”

– Faatima in her Until Then post


We’ve all been stuck between heaven and hell in some way or another. They call it comfort… Yes, things could always be worse, likewise there’s always room for improvement but sometimes we get so tangled up in routine that it becomes our illusional health, our reality, routine becomes us, who we are as it chokeholds our possibilities, our growth submits to our fears of the unknown…

Why not the devils you don’t know? Why not today? Why not mashup songs that have never been mashed up before? “Why Not Wednesday” starts now.

Sometimes you just have to breakdown the boundaries and unleash yourself to the sea of possibilities, yes there will be sharks but there are also mosquitos on land, so why not?

Since this is meant to be a music blog and music is mostly meant to make us feel good, I with your help would like to explore possible song mashups…

Mashups. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t… A lot of the time when mashups are done, instrumentals of one of the songs are placed with lyrics from the second song but since words are mostly what I have here, lyrics are our best friends… watch.

Stuck In Limbo is a song by Afrikaans rapper Jack Parrow featuring Nonku… The song holistically is a classical example of what Eminem has been doing over the last few years… A white boy rapping about anger and demons on a (heavy/ Alternative) rock beat accompanied by warm sweet vocals by a featured artist on the chorus. The title alone reveals everything the song is about. Then we have the Iconic “Bubblegum On My Boots” By The Springbok Nude Girls… this number needs no introduction and yes I’ve blogged about it a few times before…

“Perfect skies are blue and strange, just to think of what has been arranged

And a bloom of flowers here

But my boots are still too tight

Standing here day by day

All I want to say, all I want to say, all I want to say

Is I think I know what’s wrong with me now

Is this what I’ve been waitin’ for?

Stuck between heaven and hell

Stuck in limbo

Kissing angels, Slaying demons

Am I able? Am I dreaming between heaven and hell

Stuck in limbo”


There comes a time when every bird has to fly, a time when every rose has to die, a time when one has to swim or drown. Yes we all have it in us to swim and though drowning to our demise seems like the worst ending, it isn’t. Drifting with the current is.

The dream is broken, now the mind must be woken…