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The Sound Of A Breaking Heart

This Music Smells Like The Sound Of A Breaking Heart

“Every line is plotted and designed to leave you standing on your bedroom windows ledge and everyone else that it hits, that it gets to is nothing more than collateral damage”


Kiedis of The Red Hot Chili Peppers once said, as a writer, you get to see sides of yourself you wouldn’t normally see in conversation or otherwise. I say there’s more to that, I say it’s not the actual writing that gives us such perspective but our love for it, our passion, the same passion that choked the flower ’til it cried no more, possessing all of its beauty, hungry still for more… okay, I kind of got carried away there… what an amazing force this is… this love… turns saints into murderers.


“We’re going down, down in an earlier round and sugar we’re going down swinging, I’ll be your number one with a bullet, a loaded God complex, cock it and pull it”

People die for love everyday, people kill for love everyday, the same love we spend so much time and effort trying to pursue.

Taken from Fall Out Boy chart topper “Sugar, We’re Going Down”, the above lyrics are plotted and designed to take the listener wherever their heart already resides. This of course equates to the true meaning of this tune being highly debatable. How I see it, this number could easily be about love murder as the seemingly upset yet sarcastic protagonist watches (from the closet) as his love interest gets intimate with another man, “wishing to be the friction” in their jeans as he contemplates pulling the trigger.


They say money doesn’t/can’t buy happiness, but everyone wants to find this out themselves, same goes for love, yes, love isn’t happiness though it inspires it, it inspires us to give various elements that love alone can’t do without, this being honesty, care and all of their friends.

Curious and cautious in a stagger of my hearts track, How vast the world was, by the light of lime we gather, inflamed like moths to a fire”

Written by South African rockers aKing, these words basically narrate a rout we’ve all taken at some point, fueled by curiosity we cautiously explore, steady walking but bound to trip we tighten our grip, holding on to this fairytale coloured picture, bright colours so darkly shaded, inevitably the grip gets so violent we tear each other apart. Words are said, actions are done, no taking it back, death is the closest friend to a fresh start.