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I’mma Make A Deal With The Bad Wolf So The Bad Wolf Won’t Bite No More


They say it’s not about how you start but how you finish.

Yea, I know, it sounds so uplifting, doesn’t it? But I’d like to look at it from a slightly different perspective.

It doesn’t matter how you start because no one really cares when you’re just starting, what you’re starting or why you’re starting it… Like that energy drink advert goes, no one cares about your late nights, no one cares about your early mornings, no one cares why you run, until that final lap…

Well, to be honest, I can’t quite remember the advert word for word.

And yes, as much as I probably messed that advert quote up, I still think I’m smart.

Yea, we’re all certain that we have great minds, but to have a great mind you need to have a brain… A brain, another thing we’re all certain we have though we’ve never seen…

No photographic proof, nothing…

Personally, I sometimes shake my head very hard just to see if I can still feel my brain inside, I know, it sounds strange, but it works… come to think of it, If one day I tried shaking my head and couldn’t feel anything, I’d most probably lose it.

All I’d have left is my face… which would be hard to feel without the aid of my brain and that’s when I’d have no other choice but to jump off a bridge which come to NOT think of it (since at this point I don’t have a brain), would be hard to find without the aid of my… face and eyes…

Can’t Feel My Face is yet another love number by Canadian artist The Weeknd. I think we can all agree that like Neyo, The Weeknd has a “Michael Jackson” quality to his voice, but lets not dwell on that.

What made this track more than just a song about love and it’s pros and cons for me is it’s accompanying video. In the video we get to see The Weeknd doing his thing on stage. Problem is, no one is really enjoying his performance, aside from the most beautiful girl in the video of course… She seems to be very into it… In aw, she can’t take her eyes off of him as she smiles and dances along.

His performance is great from start to finish, but only the “beautiful” girl in the video appreciates it from start to finish, which is perhaps a message telling us that you see what you are… You become what you see… If you look into the darkness long enough, you become the darkness, if you are the good in the world, if you give off goodness, goodness is what you’ll see.



NOTE: When you start out and no one is impressed, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose, henceforth you are free to do you… Problem is, as soon as you gain everything, as soon as you get high on our love and attention you are doomed to the fire, the desire to continuously get high on our love and praise. But us humans being the fickle creatures we are, it’s only a matter of time before we stop feeding your desire as the fire swallows you whole.

In the Can’t Feel My Face video, almost simultaneously the crowd gets up and starts worshiping The Weeknd’s performance as he’s set ablaze… Now that he knows what it feels like to be glorified by a crowd of praise, he has an addiction, a hunger he never knew. Illuminated by the fire.