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‘Til She Cries No More

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Courtesy of Supergirl


Sugar, We’re Going Down is one of those numbers that still cheers me up regardless of its uncheerful subject. Of course like many good numbers it can be interpreted a hundred different ways but none is cheerful nor positive. One way of interpreting this jam is to explore lines like; “I’ll be your number one with a bullet” and the gravity these eight words carry… murder being our first suspect. We’ve all at some point paged through the newspaper or turned on the radio to hear a story about a protagonist shooting the lover then turning the gun on themself…. (That) Sugar, We’re Going Down, if I find you cheating or if you want to leave me because I’m no longer your number one, I’ll make myself your number one with a bullet (kind of vibe). So it goes on.

When heartbreak strikes, things aren’t alway fast tracked with death, a murder, but a rather slow deathless death, A spiritual death. We start this one with a story about a young girl who lost herself to the world, once heavenly, her soul butchered to be one with the Earthly soil… okay, maybe that was a bit over the top… Let’s try a different approach…

I shouldn’t laugh but I know I’m a failure in your eyes, I know it’s daft but I guess I know it deep inside“- Biffy Clyro in “Black Chandelier”

Being human means you’re alive, being alive means you have expectations for yourself. Our story is about a girl named Julie, Julie expected nothing but the best from the world, to her own devices, happiness shot her like a bullet in the vein, like a smoking gun cooling down her tears showered down her once cheerful cheeks as they settle down to her despare, the man of her dreams broke her heart… She had made him her everything, she made him her hopes and dreams, left without anything she now roams the streets, wilted, without any control of her tomorrow she is now a victim of unstable frown freaks bargaining for her temple.

“You left my heart like an abandoned car, old and worn, no use at all, but I used to be free“- Biffy Clyro in “Black Chandelier”

Once upon a time, she was in control, her body was never sold but gladly and freely surrendered to her one and only lover, those days are no more, now a whore, she will never sever. Licking back the tag, her body now has a price.

Dressing our wings with industrial gloves made of wire, Feel it penetrating the skin, we begin to relax“- Biffy Clyro in “Black Chandelier”

The above line is clearly about getting high… Like most prostitutes Julie now turns to drugs to get through her days as she keeps her death alive with life quenching sips of cyanide.

Things don’t always have to end this way, at the same time, a happy ending isn’t guaranteed for everyone, so we run, caught in our time, caught in the race, only we can decide if it’s our own race or a race against everyone else.

Though it’s hard not to, imagining a future with that special person is a danger because that’s when you start marrying your hopes and plans to another human being, this making the person a principal character in your future hence should they leave it becomes close to impossible to move on, to build a future without that person. We forget that we are ourselves, we don’t become less of who we are when someone leaves. Free yourself, free yourself from passion, yes, you’ll find that most religions try to teach us ways of letting go of our passion for Earthly bodies and company. Passion may be seen as good but with a closer look passion can be so strong as to inhibit all practice of personal freedom, a state in which the soul is in some sense rendered passive, restricted, in love with things being a certain way. This making us weak. unable to adapt, to survive… Brothers and sisters, this is your race, it’s yours to begin, it’s yours to win.

“Passion chokes the flower, til she cries no more, possessing all of her beauty, Hungry still for more”