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These Chicks Don’t Even Know The Name Of My Band


Sex Diet. That was something wasn’t it? That post could’ve went on forever… you know… like a good career. When longevity and success come together, we get something some may call excellence. Someone who has reached excellence in their music career is of course Eminem. On that Sex Diet tip, I may as well ask the million dollar question, What would Eminem be without a sample? more importantly, What would Eminem be without Dr Dre?

Though unlike most mega rappers, Eminem isn’t as big on samples though one of his biggest most iconic numbers is fueled by a sample from “Thank You” by Dido. What’s interesting about this number is that it is the polar opposite of the sampled number in it. Titled with words of gratitude, “Thank You” by Dido is a fine breeze of love and kindness, on the other hand “Stan” by Eminem is a rough storm of intense emotions.

Being the bad word that I am, nothing annoys me more than dancers, and by dancers I’m referring to people who buy into terms or use terms they may (sometimes) understand but don’t really have a clue as to where or how the term came about but merely jump into the bandwagon just because all the cool kids are using that certain term.

When Eminem released “Stan” back in 2000 most of the kids who run Twitter weren’t even born. It was when this number was released that the term “Stan” or “Stanning” came to life, “Stan” being the title of the song as well as the name of an obssessive fan in the song/video. Of course “Stan” being someone’s name we assume it’s short for Stanley, at the same time it’s very clear that “Stan” is a combination of the words stalker and fan and understanding the term stan or stanning in its truest form, and looking at Stan in the “Stan” video and his efforts and mental state, I can safely say that I’ve never and probably never will be someone’s stan, it’s too much work for a sane person, wouldn’t you say? Of course you wouldn’t, you’re probably one of them, Stanley.

With that said, I don’t have any artist I’d stan or come close to stanning for but as far as music goes, that, like many of you, I am a loyal stan of… at least if stalking music is possible in a more sanely sense.


She Takes My Breath Away

“Frozen as snow I show no emotion whatsoever so
Don’t ask me why I have no love for these bad wording bad words
Bloodsucking succubuses, what the bad word is up with this?
I’ve tried in this department but I ain’t had no luck with this
It sucks but it’s exactly what I thought it would be”- Eminem in Space Bound

It’s interesting how us guys don’t have feelings or at least how we never bring them up because when or if we do, weak we’re convicted, speak or forever hold your macho, a beat of a macho trend, a seed, a need, a song served up by society we eat the beat that quiets us strong.

Well, maybe there is an exception, if you put your feelings on a rap, roughen them up with ten, twenty, dirty words, you’re winning. Eminem rapped “You take my breath away” in “Space Bound” and he’s still the coolest rapper on Earth… A regular John Doe like you and I would never get away with that. Try saying your girl takes your breath away and the reaction you’ll get will be a little something like this…


Eminem in “Space Bound”


A twist of reality, society preaches equilibrium between genders, the same society that has been practicing a different tune for a millennium, make that eons, it may sound a bit dumb but this time I honestly don’t know how to finish this rhyme, so I’ll just hum the SA itunes top 5 songs, better yet, I’ll count them down for you, no, even better, I’ll just randomly write about some or all of them… wish me luck, this is my last chance to save this post, Heck, who am I kidding? “She Takes My Breath Away”? this bad word post was doomed from the start, but here goes…

Days and days “Take Me To Church” by Hozier and “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran have been playing tug-of-war for the runner-up spot ’til a third contender jumped into the party yesterday momentarily claiming its peak so far, yep “Four Five Seconds” by Rihanna + Kanye West + Paul McCarthney made it to #2 yesterday, since then “Thinking Out Loud” has reclaimed that spot, Hozier is 3rd in line with “Take Me To Church” and “Four Five Seconds” is behaving at #4, it’s the newest kid on the block after all, so it sounds reasonable, all three are bowing down to what has been king of charts all over the world for a while now, “Up Town Funk” by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars, most of us know Mark for his work with the late Amy Winehouse… remember “Valerie”? Yep, that’s his number, Amy was just featured on it. Lets see how long he can hold down the #1 spot this time. Sorry for not mentioning #5… Wait, I think I just did. Cheers.