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The 10th Daily Bread


You’re a canary, I’m a coal mine cos sorrow is just all the rage, turn a blank page, scribble in rage, age is years, sorrow is tears, time can never be borrowed, pain never narrowed, it grows, it goes, it comes back, defence we lack, the fence gets higher, guarded, once again victims we fall, young again we crawl, grounded, we learn, eternal happiness we yearn, mere mortals we are, mere mortals we are, human days can only take us so far.

Loss, in bed we toss, friends, lovers, family, they live, they believe, well, believer or not, one thing we never have to debate is our flesh, its fate. A ticking time bomb, one of these days the heart is bound to play its final beat, lifeless, it will stop, the eyes will close as pain devours anyone who cares enough to listen.

My immortal, your immortal, haunted by what once was, what would’ve been, what can never be. Facing a loss, a loss you can never compensate, a hole, a void tears can temporarily fill, only to be evanesced. The person is no more, alive or not, they are no longer with you (at least physically) though their presence is everliving in your conscience, your thoughts, your mind. It possesses you, it consumes you.

I’ve chosen to convey a less explored facet of this song through the eyes of a young widow. Recently widowed, she is still trying to get a hang of things, from sleeping next to her late husbands side of the bed, to no longer having the kind of conversations she’d have with him, and of course,to having to raise the kids alone.” You used to captivate me by your resonating light, Now I’m bound by the life you left behind”. Bound to playing “Dad” to their now fatherless kids, bound to the life she created with him, bound to constantly being reminded of him where ever she lays her eyes. In her conscience, a permanent resident he resides, a painful reminder of what could’ve been. He is her immortal.