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The 6th Daily Bread


They say that’s not what He means, But who is He? does His name perhaps end with a Dee and begins with a Gee? Yes, you already know, no need to include the Oh. They say many pose as Foes, toes we stand, book in hand, higher they are, FIRE! they rebuke, choir they sing, attire is a thing, congregation they lead, congregation they feed, weed, they are higher, children of the son, the father, the holy ghost, the holy truth they speak, anyone else is weak, but who’s to say how one should pray? Waar was jy? Where were you? Who knew what others have died to prove? Who knew this number could still make you move? Who knew this classic could still make thy soul groove?

If there was ever a kota song, I’m talking about a quarter bread filled with all that flavourful saucy, meaty goodness… If it were a song it would be titled “Waar Was Jy”. Performed by kwaito’s very own Skeem, this number is not only a number on its own but a throwback to earlier hits. Yes, where were you when Brenda Fassie and The Big Dudes released “Weekend Special”? Where were you when the proclaimed Queen of African music, Yvonne Chaka Chaka released “Umqombothi”,that African beer?. Where were you when Sipho Mabuse’s township jive anthem “Burn Out” was the song of the day? Those are just 3 of the many sampled local oldies in this tightly packed song… Ladies and gents, I’m officially in a nostalgia coma. Take Me To Church.

Where was I? Unfortunately I wasn’t born when any of the mentioned songs were released. A newly familiar old term or perhaps a name(many people go by, but of course there’s only one original) praised in this song  is “Chaklas”, I only discovered it about 5 months ago thanks to The Dushman himself. I uncovered this layer of our Kwaito history when I got a sneak listen of a number The Dushman was then working on, titled “Chaklas”. If you love good music, I suggest you give this hip-kwaito number a listen (Though to be honest, I’m not sure if he has released it to the public, I can only hope). Ten years from now we’ll ask again, “Waar Was Jy?”. You’re alive! no excuses. Smell that funk. Follow The Dushman.

Music. The great communicator