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I Was Messing Around While You Were Saving The World From Nothing

Tired may have not only been my way of encouraging the youth of South Africa to keep going but my way of apologizing for thinking they were incapable of uniting for a course as meaningful as the #FeesMustFall movement.


Think back on what you did

How you’d punk all the new kids

The new wave of exclusive

As if there’s something new, kid


The very first post I ever posted on this blog was about the 1976 youth uprising, how heroic the youth back then were for taking a stand and sacrificing their very lives for what they believed in… In that very same post I may have mentioned how I feel the dot-com age is too preoccupied with style and being cool to ever do something like the 1976 uprising… Clearly… I was wrong.


Allow me to weigh in

On this conversation

Here’s your invitation

To chew someone else’s heel

Your concessions are useless

A filter to diffuse this

Now you have to excuse us

We are moving on


Somewhere between my 1st ever post and this very post, I’ve mentioned and talked about how we as people see what we anticipate to see, yes, we see what we are told to see… We see what we expect to see… You can meet the nicest person in the world and not see it, given that you’ve allowed your preconceived idea(s) (driven by either the person’s religious background, their nationality, their gender or race and the stereotypes attached to them) of the person cloud your view… Yes, it’s easy to misunderstand or mishear someone you already have a preconceived idea of because you think you know what they’re about and their intentions…

With the evidence provided above, I officially admit that I had been brainwashed into thinking very little of the youth, that selfie and tweet are the only two words they care about… As a result, the first time I ever heard The Moth & The Flame, I was so captivated… I thought the lyrics were interesting and true too… without looking at the song title I passionately started singing along, We are young and uninspired!!! God, I felt like such a rockstar… After hearing the song a few times I started paying closer attention… and with the song title, it was clear I had been singing it wrong the whole time… We are not young and uninspired…


We’re the patient performer

The kid in the corner

We were just tuning you out

We are young and unafraid


Yound and Unafraid


Song: Young & Unafraid By Moth & The Flame



Silent rebel


There’s a wild wind blowing

Down the corner of my street

Every night there, the headlights are glowing

There’s a cold war coming

On the radio I heard

Baby, It’s a violent world


Love. We are born with it, it brings us together, grounding us.

Time. We are taken by it, tightly by the wrist it drags us from life to death. Man’s greatest enemy… Maybe.

What a time to be alive, what a time to be born, freedom we are told, freedom we are promised, born is the free generation, only for age, for time to teach them otherwise… freedom, nowhere to be found, passionately looking, a world once full of wonder through the young eyes is corroding, peeling away as pleas are violently handled…


I hear it coming

I can hear the sirens sound…


Time came creeping

Time’s a loaded gun…


Though born with the ability to reason, to love… Born into a world claiming to be what it isn’t… A world ruled by a system that takes but never gives, a bad word, a fuck. A world designed to hold the young minds down as time drags them quietly to the grave… It’s time to resist… Yes… It is time…


Gravity release me

And don’t ever hold me down

Now my feet won’t touch the ground



Song: Life In Technicolor by Coldplay

Satan Loves A Bomb Scare (Freedom Is The Rhythm)

“I’m in awe of the universe, but I don’t necessarily believe there’s an intelligence or agent behind it. I do have a passion for the visual in religious rituals, though, even though they may be completely empty and bereft of substance. The incense is powerful and provocative, whether Buddhist or Catholic.”- David Bowie


Find something to believe in and stick to it. I’m Kidding, question it til your last breath, at least that’s what I’ve been doing, (minus the last breath… I’m still breathing… I think), it’s what I see as the window to growth, the door to growth. In a strange way, I wouldn’t be fully living to that mantra if I didn’t question it. See where I’m going with this? Nowhere. Come along anyway.

Being a kid in a Christian/traditional, Zulu household, I was told, no, lets say I was taught to believe in God, simultaneously I was fed traditional ways and rituals and their importance in my existence. Having this wandering mind, I’ve always struggled to link the two or to find them complementary to each other.

Though I can never truly know for sure that the certain song I’m about to mention and the lyrics in it were meant to be received by how my younger teenage self received them. Listening to Another Universe didn’t at all feel like I was listening to another universe, Ironically, it felt like I was listening to lines about home, where I come from, my roots, what I think and how I freely view or see them and my impending judgement on them. Lines that in a playful sense juxtapose traditions that date way back, with modern doings: A juvenile view of our traditions.”Sharp is the knife and alive is the night, I’m gonna slit the throat of the holy goat, ceremony to the UFO and SMS ’em where we wanna go”

It’s crazy how so many humans die and how many wars start because of our cultural and religious views and their differences. Yes, it’s important to find something to believe in, something to rely on, it’s also our responsibility to keep an open mind, to allow other humans, our fellow brothers and sisters the freedom to explore their views, their religion, their cultures… there’s a whole galaxy to explore, what we know or think we know might very well merely be a drop in the ocean.


It might seem like it, but I haven’t forgotten that this is actually a music blog. Above I mentioned how important evolution is, how important growth is, to explore and question everything and to be honest, I’m not sure if my teenage heavy rock fan self would’ve fully appreciated Arno Carstens Lightning Prevails album, it’s a bit laydback for the ignorant crazy head I once was.

From a song on his solo debut to a song on his 2014 solo album (That was meant to be a collection of reworks but took a life of its own), “Rely On” like a few other numbers on Lightning Prevails is packed with talent, vocally and otherwise. I like how the backing vocals aren’t really in the background but are given a chance to come forth and shine. It all comes together beautifully but it’s the message of the song that I wanted to talk about here. We all need something to rely on, whether it’s a God, love or a loved one to keep us strong on our path, something to hold on to through life’s harsh winds. Took me a while to realize this, but I talk about love a lot on this blog, this is mostly because I believe in the quote; love is in the air, no seriously, love is everywhere, it’s all around us, we breathe it, it’s not as scarce or foreign as many brothers and sisters may make it out to be. Love is the easiest thing to find, to feel, to have, it’s building a lasting, healthy partnership, an understanding with someone else that is more of a challenge to us humans, it’s finding a connection one we can rely on.

To close this one off, I’m not as good with words as I’d like to think I am, though a wise man once said something to the effect of; If you chase two at the same time, you’re bound to lose both. With that, I’d say it’s very important for anyone to have the ability or to learn to prioritize, to maintain a focus through the Earthly winds to dedicating themselves to something that matters. Something they can rely on. The freedom to be.


The 5th Daily Bread


There comes a time in a mans life when he stops trying to save the world and starts trying to save himself from the world instead. Yes ladies and gents, this is our fifth daily bread.

They say your head can be a prison, I say your head can be the reason, a reason, no, more than that, an ability to climb out of yourself, your circumstances. See, with a reason, a head on your shoulders, a mind, there’s everything to gain, a slave, the body is in pain, a victim, nothing can be gained, unchained, growth remains, yes our heads can be prisons, none but ourselves can free our minds none but our hands can lift the blinds, In our minds we’re confined, freedom we can’t find, uprising we confront, doubt, our decomposing minds fertilize the soil that feeds the tree, doubt, we’ll never be free, united, dwarfed by the big tree, mentally free, We’re the small ax that could fall the big tree.

Redemption song, an acoustic ballad performed by the great Bob Marley & The Wailers. It’s a song from their iconic Uprising album. Straying away from their usual reggae beats, “Redemption Song” features an acoustic guitar and of course Bob Marley singing his locks on, as he does.

The song is a cry for freedom, no, let’s make it a war cry for freedom. After being given only this much for so many years, it’s unfortunate that the mind only expects a certain much, though aware of its infinite capacity it’s bound by an everliving imprisonment that allows it to see itself up to a sizeable level. This early eighties late seventies number has significant political references that date back decades before its official release.

Redemption, correction, redemption. We can’t control time, we can’t control the past, the trick is not to let it control us, the future is us. Lets redeem the time lost, lets redeem what has been won. There comes a time in a mans life when he has to free himself intellectually, spiritually and mentally, to teach by example, to live by example. For taking care of self is a small ax that could fall the big tree.

Bikini Weather (23 Thousand Trips Around The Sun)

 “Consider this

Consider this, the hint of the century

Consider this, the slip

That brought me to my knees, failed

What if all these fantasies come

Flailing around

Now I’ve said too much”

€Not being understood never scared me, it’s all I know.
Being the weird soul that I am, I had it coming, yet I’m highly intrigued by how I always try to relate things to each other.

Being born in ’91 “Losing My Religion”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Give It Away” were the 3 biggest rock songs that year, songs that have define who I am as I’ve been very vocal with my attempts to understand why we’re here.

"Losing My Religion" video shot

“Losing My Religion” video shot

Being born into a religious (Christian) family, the questions I’ve had about the name of God may allude to me “Losing My Religion”, my faith.

As a kid, being expected by family and family friends to fill the cool shoes of a late big brother slowed me down, as they were too heavy for my young feet. The life he left behind smothered my name lifeless, I was never myself, I was never Ndumiso but a miniature version of my brother, as I was put under the pressure of walking in his shoes, suddenly my existence was meant to fill the void that he left in people’s heart… His brogues.

You used to captivate me by your resonating light
Now I’m bound by the life you left behind”- Evanescence

Trying to conform I did what I could to feed everyone’s expectation of who or what I was meant to be though everything I was, was short of anything my big brother would’ve ever been in their eyes. So I threw my arms up… I rebelled.

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" single cover

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” single cover

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” integrated a sense of self-worth I never had. With lyrics like “I’m worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed” I realized the true notion of contentment, the idea of trying not to be the best son, but the idea to build myself up (without competing with anyone) from being the worst best son… I mean best worst son.
It’s because of this number that being an outcast or being made to feel like one will never move me.

"Give It Away" single cover

“Give It Away” single cover

Being born into this world, we are all born into different situations and backgrounds, yes I don’t have much, I never did.
But whatever little I do have is a lot,
It’s a lot because it’s been enough to keep the breaths I’ve taken coming likewise, the breaths I’m about to take going forward.

What I will forever struggle to understand is what on heaven did I do in/on the other side (before being born) that millions of kids who are born into poverty, infected with various diseases didn’t?

The hunger for wealth has never driven me as much as it drives some of my brothers as to me money doesn’t equate to respect nor does it equate to being God, but if God is love then “hell yes” altruism and selfless behavior equates to being God, not in any weird way but in a way that loving and giving is you allowing His name to live through you.

This is just a few lessons a song released by The Red Hot Chili Peppers 23 years ago titled “Give It Away” has taught me.

This may be the day I was born, but it’s not MY DAY, it’s yours too. Make the best of it.

"Give It Away" music video gif

“Give It Away” music video gif

“Giveraway, giveraway, giveraway now”