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Never Trust A Happy Song


Whether we are in denial or not, we’d all like to think that we’ve got our rubbish down. That we are in full control of ourselves, that we know what’s good for us, that we care about others, that we are well-rounded happy humans but hey, life happens, and you know what they say about life screwing us all…

“Turn me on

Take me for a hard ride

Burn me out, Leave me on the other side

I yell and tell it that it’s not a friend

I tear it down

I tear it down

And then it’s born again…”

Yes, I’m generally a happy person, I’ve never experience depression and I can only hope not to ever experience it… With depression, suicidal thoughts are never far behind, personally I’ve never really wanted to commit suicide aside from that one time when I was probably 11 and I was having a lazy day when my grandmother wanted me to go get her something from the store. It made me want to drive my dead through the wall… As much as I can’t really relate to being suicidal, having a drug problem or being depressed, I still enjoy listening to songs of such themes. As sexual as the lyrics above sound, they’re actually about an addiction, a depression, how hard it is to go through either and how both can mental screw one up.

Honestly most Red Hot Chili Peppers songs appear to be about sex yet they’re usually about a lot more than just copulation just like vintage Fall Out Boy songs all seem to be about a girl, a break up or being cheated on when at a closer look they’re about a lot more. “More”= ranging from self-esteem to politics.

The above lyrics from “Otherside” are the climax of the song… you’re probably thinking of that Usher Song aren’t you? If so, I’ll indulge you more, Yes “Climax” by Usher is actually about the climax of a situation between lovers, the word itself may carry an orgasmic undertone, yes the song may be interpreted that way as well but it’s actually about a peak point of a situation, this situation may very well be a fight, the climax point where the couple can either reach their breaking point or realise how important the relationship is to them despite the bad heat leading to the peak of whatever the situation. The verse I’ve quoted from “Otherside” is about the climax or that moment when a drug addict or someone suffering from depression hits rock bottom, after being knocked down so many times it’s this lowest point that the abuser or victim can finally find it in him or herself to completely tear down the wall and reach out to the man on the other side of the mirror.


I’m Alright In Bed But I’m Better With A Pen

Growing up having to lie to my dad about my whereabouts, where I lived then and  having to pretend that I couldn’t recognise his voice whenever he’d call were habits  my mother programmed into my young mind with the hopes of cutting him out of our lives, for that reason, I will never really judge my dad for never being there for us, nor will I ever judge my mother for making that decision for us. Once or twice in my life, mother has had the laugh to tell me how weird it is that I act just like my dad though I didn’t get much of a chance to adopt his habits, good or bad. We may not agree with everything our parents do, it may get hard to get along, to hold on to the bonds we’re meant to have with them, though they are still the reason we’re here, and in them, I bet my life.


Time after time the words “true colours” are burdened with a connotation that implies a once hidden ugliness, an ugliness that was once facaded with a beauty that was bound to fade away.

Written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, a Cyndi Lauper hit titled “True Colours” spent two weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, originally inspired by a mothers love and how we grow up mistaking a mothers intentions, a mothers love for animosity, this number is inspired by how a mother would much rather be ‘hated’ by their child than to have them at harm’s way till the child grows up and starts to see and understand the “true colours” of their mothers love, the true lengths a mother has taken for the child… underneath all the shouting and disciplinary actions lies the purest kind of something good.


Often labelled as “soft”, Mr “Nice-Guy” because of my layedback and non-retaliative nature, my views may not be common, though how I see it, “soft” can only be alive when “hard” feelings aren’t alive, unmoved, one sees no reason to be hard-headed, to retaliate. Growing up, I was taught not to expect special favors from people though getting special favours every now and again is pleasant, when I don’t get any or when I get the opposite, I am seldom moved, simply because I never expect much from people, which is why I am more inclined than the average person to let it roll off my back… to let it go.

With our bodies so tightly wrapped around our souls, our souls wrapped with our bodies one can never know another’s soul too well, at least not well enough to understand the reasons behind every move, to understand every move behind each reason, seasons change but people don’t, season after season, choreography remains the same, pleasing numbers step for step, pirouette for pirouette, our intentions remain the same.


“I savour hate as much as I crave love” are words from a Biffy Clyro number, words that only a twisted guy is supposed to relate to, words that remind us that you have to be six feet deep under the ground to reach cloud nine, no, cloud infinity as the good book only promises eternal happiness, love without (the) lust on the other side, where angels fly where nobody cries, under the dust, above the skies.