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Sticks & Stones & Weed & Bombs 

Stepped on

Slept on but still she kept on

Up for days she weeps the sun on

Her cries don’t fall on deaf ears but rather those that don’t care

Slept on, slept on, she’s dealing with a loaded cannon

A con

The more she gives to him, the more she dies

As she leaves her body for the skies 

She is now the everliving ghost of what once was

Slept on…

What the hell is being slept on?  No one has ever explained it to me nor have I taken any time to do any research on it, so like most I’ve made my own assumptions as far as what it means. I didn’t really think nor care about what it really meant until I started paying attention to Noah Cyrus and Labyrinth’s “You Make Me” video clip. If you watch the clip and think about what’s happening,  you’ll realize that both Noah & Labrinth are actually helplessly being slept on.

We often hear about undiscovered or unsung talent that is being “slept on”, It is a very real and sad epidemic, but then again, it really isn’t all that bad considering that those doing the sleeping are most probably only sleeping because they are yet to be introduced to or are yet to uncover that which they are sleeping on.

Tragedy comes when being slept on is the kind of being slept on we see on the “You Make Me” clip… When one is being slept on by someone they’ve obviously given themselves to, someone who knows them but for some reason is no longer moved by all that they are, all that they’ve given to them, all that they’re still willing to give… Is no longer worth losing a blink.

They know them interested, they know them awake, they’ve felt their attention, possibly their love and with every attempt to resuscitate the spark, they chip another piece off of themselves, they lose an inner peace… They retrogress…

Like a moth drawn to a flame they are bound to burn out, until they decide to rise once more and let go and start it over again in Mexico.

But I Love It, But I Love It



“Three guns and one goes off

One’s empty, one’s not quick enough

One burn, one red, one grin

Search the graves while the camera spins…”

We’ve all seen it happen, some of us have been part of it.

Yes, generally it make sense for friends (whom afterall are friends because they have a number of things in common) to gravitate towards the same kind of people as far as forming romantic relationships, yet as friends it is also important to make boundaries and respect each other in those regards but sometimes those boundaries are broken and you find people dating their friend’s ex(es)…


“…Triangles are my favourite shape

Three points where two lines meet

Toe to toe

back to back

Lets go my love, it’s very late…”


Though the intentions aren’t always clear, in some cases the ex may pursue their ex’s friend(s) in hopes of making the ex jealous… sometimes (as they say) it “just happened/s”. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is where having a “type” gets dangerous.

Does this now mean that since your ex’s friends have similar qualities as the ex, someone you fell in love with deem them (the friends) your type?

Does this now mean you have to go through all of them to find the right one? Yea it may make sense to the doer but it’s not a good look to the rest of us judges of the world… Watch us as we slowly shake our heads in judgment.

In closing, us human beings are copy cats by nature, we all carry the follow the leader mentality. With that said, we can’t help but see people how the people closest to them portray them. This is why I always say you can’t expect your lover to fully respect your family especially your parents if you don’t speak of them as if they’re royalty. Likewise you can’t expect the people around you to respect your lover if in their presence you refer to her as a whore or him a dick.

If you bad mouth him or her in front of your friends, to the frisky kind of friend it can be received as a free for all invite… A cheap piece of human they can mess with… Whether them being a whore is true or not, they’ll find themselves victim to the wrong kind of attention… As heartbreak bites and devours them a million times over…


“Bite chunks out of me

You’re a shark and I’m swimming

My heart still thumps as I bleed

And all your friends come sniffing”