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Sipping Whiskey Out The Bottle & Catching Feelings



Every carpet, every floor

Everywhere I look I fall…

As I rise up through each floor

Shit gets dark when you lose it all

I can hear it coming, I can hear the drumming…



The first time most of the world started paying attention to Naughty Boy was when he released that lalala number with Sam Smith on vocals. Of course Sam Smith would shortly make his own mark with “Stay With Me”, a number he has said to be about the morning after.

Yes after a crazy night under the influence or not, many make decisions without really thinking them through or how it will affect them in the long run… Sticking on what “Stay With Me” is about, or at least what I get from it… Some of us handle one night stands better than others… As some may cling on after one… Some wont even stay to cuddle… It’s strictly business… “No One’s Here To Sleep’, another Naughty Boy number, though this time he has Dan Smith, the frontman of British rock band BASTILLE on vocals… The song can easily be about a failed relationship and how often things end with one party stuck to deal with the puddle of badword the relationship has left them in whilst the other is inclined to quickly keep it moving as they float away…


You were always faster than me

I’ll never catch up with you…

Oh I can feel them coming for me…


On the flip side “No One’s Here To Sleep” could be exactly about just that… We each have our own journeys and caught up in our journeys and their successes we might look down on those who seem less successful in their journey, as if they’re in La La land, asleep… They need to wake up… Truth is, no one is here to sleep, everyone has their own purpose… In the bigger scheme, no one human is more important than the other, yes, it’s such a cliché but the biggest race is not against each other but against ourselves… us and ourselves…


Hit the ground and start runnin’

‘Round the street where you grew up

Make a sound, write a story you can tell

For us, for us and ourselves



Songs: Stay with Me by Sam Smith, No one’s Here To Sleep by Naughty Boy ft Dan Smith, Us & Ourselves by Morning Parade



The Sky Falls in Fear

untitled (2)

Back when we were one

Dear Mama

Don’t get me wrong, I love my fellow brothers and sisters but human is all they are, in our history as the human race, none have lived a perfect life, care free, without worries or mistakes, we’re not perfect, yet we continue trying to chase this “perfect”. Now I’m not ouchea trying to let a meer mortal tell me how to be perfect, what’s right or what cool is. Conforming or trying to be someone else’s idea of perfect would be me robbing myself as a human being a fair chance of hitting perfect, my perfect, one that’s not an imitation or a shadow of someone else’s attempt. My journey to being content.

This is when you as a human are no longer afraid to fail, it’s when you’re no longer moved by how another human sees you but how you see yourself. You become the leader of your own world unfazed by judgemental eyes, fazed by highs yet to be created by you.

I’m not one who has received much advice, well maybe I’ve had career or relationship advice from a friend now and a few other times, but that’s just it, A lot of the “Good Advice” I’ve gotten is advice that hasn’t been directly given to me but perhaps advice that I’ve got via reading, watching a movie or listening to a song. It only occurd to me recently that I do actually have advise that has been given to me, advise I can consider the best advice I’ve ever gotten. Though I’ve been a wild child, I do come from a fairly religious family. The best advice I’ve ever gotten was from my dear mother, She told me never to under estimate my prayers as a child of God. As humans we tend to look for leadership and guidance from “more important humans”, we might not see it, but we may tend to see prayers from our religious leaders as more efficient. Ma told me that my prayers are just as good, just as powerful as any Pastor or Bishop praying for me. My mama taught me faith. To have it in myself… to believe.

“There’s no way I can pay you back, But the plan is to show you that I understand, You are appreciated”- 2Pac