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Sorry Kids, Santa Needs A Toilet Break


I know that it’s 2014, well we’re nearing the end of it… I know, it’s scary! feels like 2013 was just yesterday, which is probably why I’m still talking about it.

Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons was without a doubt the biggest rock number of 2013, well at least as far as money-making is concerned.

The song like many other songs I feature here on Music Smells Like Noise carries a self motivational message, everyone needs motivation, everyone wants the best for themselves, everyone thinks the best of themselves, a murderer doesn’t see himself as a murderer but a man driven by circumstances to do what he had to do, a beggar doesn’t see himself as a beggar, a poor man doesn’t think of himself as a poor man but a man that’s temporarily struggling to make ends meet, our minds can’t take the heat, “All systems go, the sun hasn’t died, deep in my bones, straight from inside”, this is why so many humans commit suicide, when what we expect from ourselves is not met, we are bound to be burnt up by the fire inside.

“We’re painted red, to fit right in”

Christmas, oh Christmas, who the hell doesn’t love Christmas? we all don’t, though we dance to the tune of the season, for no reason, we feel the pressure to be jolly, no one want to be the Scrooge of the season. Posing as givers we give everything we can to those who already have, turning a blind eye to those who don’t. They can’t do anything for us, now can they?  Yes, we can’t all play Mother Teresa, though I think we should all understand the true meaning of selflessness, and not this fucked up notion of giving to receive… I mean, this not so nice habit of give those we know can give back to us. Being selfless goes beyond doing someone a favour but sacrificing something you want or perhaps need for someone else’s benefit whilst consciously knowing you can’t get it back in its form nor compensation wise.

Give It Away