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A Dream is Broken, Now The Mind Must Be Woken




“Until then…

I keep attracting into my experience, a state of limbo…list of things to do but only when this one obstacle is out of the way first…

So I write it out and simply put it to rest…until then

In the mean time what is there to do?

My reflection is blatantly staring back at me but my perception blinds me”

– Faatima in her Until Then post


We’ve all been stuck between heaven and hell in some way or another. They call it comfort… Yes, things could always be worse, likewise there’s always room for improvement but sometimes we get so tangled up in routine that it becomes our illusional health, our reality, routine becomes us, who we are as it chokeholds our possibilities, our growth submits to our fears of the unknown…

Why not the devils you don’t know? Why not today? Why not mashup songs that have never been mashed up before? “Why Not Wednesday” starts now.

Sometimes you just have to breakdown the boundaries and unleash yourself to the sea of possibilities, yes there will be sharks but there are also mosquitos on land, so why not?

Since this is meant to be a music blog and music is mostly meant to make us feel good, I with your help would like to explore possible song mashups…

Mashups. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t… A lot of the time when mashups are done, instrumentals of one of the songs are placed with lyrics from the second song but since words are mostly what I have here, lyrics are our best friends… watch.

Stuck In Limbo is a song by Afrikaans rapper Jack Parrow featuring Nonku… The song holistically is a classical example of what Eminem has been doing over the last few years… A white boy rapping about anger and demons on a (heavy/ Alternative) rock beat accompanied by warm sweet vocals by a featured artist on the chorus. The title alone reveals everything the song is about. Then we have the Iconic “Bubblegum On My Boots” By The Springbok Nude Girls… this number needs no introduction and yes I’ve blogged about it a few times before…

“Perfect skies are blue and strange, just to think of what has been arranged

And a bloom of flowers here

But my boots are still too tight

Standing here day by day

All I want to say, all I want to say, all I want to say

Is I think I know what’s wrong with me now

Is this what I’ve been waitin’ for?

Stuck between heaven and hell

Stuck in limbo

Kissing angels, Slaying demons

Am I able? Am I dreaming between heaven and hell

Stuck in limbo”


There comes a time when every bird has to fly, a time when every rose has to die, a time when one has to swim or drown. Yes we all have it in us to swim and though drowning to our demise seems like the worst ending, it isn’t. Drifting with the current is.

The dream is broken, now the mind must be woken…