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Holy Bread Butter


They say all good things come in pairs or is it threes? I can’t remember, though something else we may sometimes struggle to remember or perhaps keep alive in our minds are artists that have given us nothing more than one hit wonders. With that, I guess it’s safe to say that sometimes great things come in singles. Yeap, I’d like to take this time to list some of the greatest one hit wonders we’ve had over the years… Wait, we’ve already established that sometimes great things do come in singles, so today I’ll just focus on one, one hit wonder.

Branching away from my Daily Bread format that required friends to share one of their all time favorite numbers, I’ll go ahead against my better judgement and make this post about my choice… cos I can, no, seriously, I was gonna ask you guys to give/make suggestions, but then I got high…. Because I’m high, because I’m high… No. that’s not the one, though the artist I’m leaning towards kinda rocks an afro as well.

Released almost 16 years ago already, “I Try” by Macy Gray is without a doubt one of my personal favourite one hit wonders of all time. I know, it’s kind of like saying my dad is amongst the worst bakers in the world but this one time he nailed one scone out of the whole dozen he made and it was the best scone made by a baker as unsuccessful or perhaps as unpopular as he is that I’ve EVER tasted, DAMN! it was delicious.

On a more serious note, this Grammy winning number wouldn’t be the R&B classic it is if it weren’t for the soul Macy Gray poured into it, and not to mention her raspy, gravely voice that has been said to sound like it’s made of smoke and scotch, though a music blogger whom likes pretending he has a science degree like myself would like to contest that notion by saying her voice is in fact made of sound, air traveling through her vocal folds. Like a normal human being. I could be wrong… but at least this will stop you cheap okes from trying to swallow the air coming out of her mouth to buzz.

I’ve said what I wanted to say, it’s your turn now, I know you have a favourite one hit wonder… share… alright, be like that. Cheers.