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Tradin War Stories

Titled It’s a Man’s World, it’s no surprise this James Brown performed number is widely characterized as biblically chauvinistic. Recorded two days after Valentines with only just two takes, this song was co-written by a male and a female which then of course explains the compensating lyrics,” But it would mean nothing, without a woman or a girl”… Nonetheless, the words do serve truth.

“Every man is judged by his woman and if his woman says he ain’t nothing, the whole world believes it”


Yes, it’s been said, the role of the man is to bring the light, the role of the wife is to reveal the light. You can be the greatest man in the world, but if there isn’t a deep-rooted woman by your side to ground you, to build on the greatness… your “greatness” as a man is perhaps vague. Us men can be chauvinistic all we want, but lets face it, women can do every single thing we can do though we can’t do everything they can… Hell, some of them die giving life.

Something very attractive about a human, a human who get’s to bond with another before anyone else, physically and otherwise, before life for the one even starts, This human get’s to do so because in her a heart begins to beat, life begins, love begins, selflessness begins as this human starts to care for another more than she’s ever cared for anything or anyone else, including herself… This human is a mother… a woman.

Life is short… more so for some… So what happens after the bonding between mother and child has kicked off… with hopeful expectations of what the baby is gonna be like… The mother loses the baby? The self-blame… the heartache… the loss… where does it take her? where does it leave her?


Baby if you could would you go back to the start?

Take any fresh steps are watch it all fall apart again?


After seeing his wife suffer three miscarriages in a quick succession, Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil was going through a more than rough patch in his life… Like any good artist, he turned to his music… “Biblical” was born.

“It’s generally about that time last year where I felt like everything was falling apart… It’s about trying to give someone something and it’s not helping; you’re not going anywhere and you’ve reached a point where it’s fucked…”

When that point is reached, do we then wish away the relationship?
The time spent together? Have our memories deleted? Or do we perhaps embrace the kinship lived with it’s good times, it’s bad times, the lessons and so on?
We know what the right or politically correct thing to do would be, but let’s face it. When turmoil strikes and emotions are high anger or at least regret is likely to rule us, the good news here is when not faced with the situation it’s so much easier to preach. So I preach… I read somewhere that one should never regret anything they have done with a sincere affection; nothing is lost that is born of the heart.

“Baby if you could, would you go back to the start?
Take any fresh steps or watch it all fall apart, again?”- Biffy Clyro “Biblical”