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Lips Like They Be Singing Sexed Up Strawberry Songs



Photo of my gran with some of her grandchildren and their friends. It was taken about 6 years before I was born

Kids want to be at the cutting edge of something new, they can praise and love icons that were made before they we born, yes, but being at the forefront of the making of an icon they can claim as their own is what they’re here for. Being at the cutting edge or birth of the next legend is what they live for and it is without a doubt that I say Lady Gaga is one of those legends this generation can claim as their own. With a string of hits to her name we can all debate which is and which isn’t her greatest or best song though I’ve always felt The Edge of Glory is one of her most honest numbers as it speaks of the very last moments of life.

The song lyrics are inspired or influenced by Lady Gaga’s grandfather’s death and the impact it had on her… Yes we all want to be at the forefront of something new, but what happens when we find ourselves on the midst of something not so new? Something that’s about to end…


I’m on the edge, of glory

And I’m hanging on a moment with you


As a baby I found a best friend in my grandmother, she had already been a grandmother to +17 others before me and time was catching up to her, but I didn’t know that… At least I didn’t want to…

As I grew older, like anyone else would, I ignored how I may not have her in my adult life… I had only known her for as many years as I had lived, she was still very young in my time with her as every moment grew special… It was only when she really fell ill and was taken to hospital that I had to face reality… still I refused, I refused to see her in the vulnerable state she was in during her last days… Hanging on ropes, hanging on hopes of her coming back home… Maybe it was selfish of me, yes, I did it ’cause I knew I wouldn’t be able to face the truth… the possibility of her not coming back home… It was only when she asked for me to come see her that suddenly I felt I could do it… that I could stand seeing her lie helplessly in that hospital bed… To share with her what may be her final moments… but it was a moment… 4 minutes too late…