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Our Noise


After so many years of trying to bridge the gap between us and the world, trying to meet the standards the west has set for everyone, we’ve realized that we’ve always had it. It was 21 years ago this month when South Africa got to see it’s first post apartheid band on stage, it was a year ago this month when I got the honour of mentioning this band along with it’s frontman on probably my best blogpost to date Gray Noise.

How great is it to be in South Africa right now? How great is it to be a music lover right now? It’s true, we don’t have to go very far, we never had to. With our very own Springbok Nude Girls being one of the greatest if not thee greatest rock band to come from our continent we were always on par with the best in the world… That’s not all… Things just keep getting better.

In the early 2000s South African youth¬†was finally starting to show pride, contentment in our very own music, this was more apparent when Hip Hop Trio Jozi came bursting into the scene. For the first time ever the young South African masses were subjected to hipified work that was produced way before they were born. Sampling proudly South African golden oldies by the likes of Phuzekhemisi… Yes… Maskandi and Hip Hop… who would’ve imagined? it was a revolution that left us wanting more. Unfortunately the Hip Hop group would soon disband. But this was only the beginning…

Today SA music is holding it’s own… harder than ever. Look at the rock music we have… Look at the bands… Aking, Desmond And The Tutus, Shortstraw, The Plastics… I’m telling you, you can go anywhere in the world, you wont find anyone who sounds like these guys, though purely and organically South African, their sound can be heard and played across the spheres, resonating with anyone and everyone who cares to listen and hear this, sampling SA songs in our Hip Hop has never been more hip, all the big cats in the game are doing it. Yes brothers and sisters. This is us.