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Believers Do Die

I’ve always had a deep relationship with words, It’s more than sexual. How amazing are these God-given collections, clusters of alphabets we use to express, to compress, to unveil, to convey our thoughts and feelings to our fellow brothers and sisters, the same brothers and sisters who don’t ruin but jejunely numb words. They detach a word’s true emotions, they create a motion, a revolution, it’s hard to fight it, “Diet”, the minute we hear the word, we think weight-loss, food deprivation, starving, and that’s not what a diet is all about. That’s just one of the words that has been drained of its essences by society, to add to that, words are not all we drain, It’s unfortunate that we do the same to the true nature of humanity, armed with the audacity to blame our actions of  hate on our beliefs, religious or political.

They say believers never die, I say believers do die, together we cry as they die every single day, perhaps not an ashes to ashes kind of death but perhaps a deathless kind of death, one which an individual finds themself as being less of what they’re expected to be as we convict each other of not being good enough, attacking each other for not living up to standards we’re all admittedly too human to live by. Perfection.

We all try to be the best we can be, but how can a man of God be a G? How easy would it be for everyone to be a believer, to be strong in faith if the good book was in tune with our cave man needs, our sexual greed, not to be tied down with a verse from the 1st book of Samuel. How high are the standards of our religion(s) when various elements that make us who we are, elements that come so naturally to us are wrong?


Described by the artist as a song that talks about love being a death, how when in love one catches themself dying in the most wonderful way, armed with a music video that explores (an) organization(s) that undermines humanity whether it be a certain belief system or political regime. “Take Me To Church” talks about the contemplation of sin, something most teenagers unconsciously or otherwise go through as they find their first love. This of course possibly leading to premarital sex, breaking up with a “lover” etcetera, as the aftermath of such, one tends to question their faith, if they’re good enough to be a child of God. Driven by self doubt, they lose it all, they rebel.

We were born sick, perhaps death is our health, our nirvana, We were born sick… I was born sick, But I love it, Command me to be well are Lyrics from “Take Me To Church”, Commanded to be well daily by each other our culture our religion, political regimes, we all remain imperfect, unclean, united we preach in conviction, in confusion.

Trying my best to keep this post as short as possible, I’d like to wrap it up by making it right with my fellow brothers and sisters. In this post I’ve hinted how humanly it is for us to go against the good book, how being alive is when we get to feed our cave man or “natural” desires for sex and everything else. I also mentioned that Hozier said “Take Me To Church” is how love is death or dying in the most wonderful way. That my brothers and sisters is because when you do love, whether it be a God or a significant other, none of those “YOLO” inspired stunts matter, but the loved one in question and keeping the relationship alive.


Bikini Weather (23 Thousand Trips Around The Sun)

 “Consider this

Consider this, the hint of the century

Consider this, the slip

That brought me to my knees, failed

What if all these fantasies come

Flailing around

Now I’ve said too much”

€Not being understood never scared me, it’s all I know.
Being the weird soul that I am, I had it coming, yet I’m highly intrigued by how I always try to relate things to each other.

Being born in ’91 “Losing My Religion”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Give It Away” were the 3 biggest rock songs that year, songs that have define who I am as I’ve been very vocal with my attempts to understand why we’re here.

"Losing My Religion" video shot

“Losing My Religion” video shot

Being born into a religious (Christian) family, the questions I’ve had about the name of God may allude to me “Losing My Religion”, my faith.

As a kid, being expected by family and family friends to fill the cool shoes of a late big brother slowed me down, as they were too heavy for my young feet. The life he left behind smothered my name lifeless, I was never myself, I was never Ndumiso but a miniature version of my brother, as I was put under the pressure of walking in his shoes, suddenly my existence was meant to fill the void that he left in people’s heart… His brogues.

You used to captivate me by your resonating light
Now I’m bound by the life you left behind”- Evanescence

Trying to conform I did what I could to feed everyone’s expectation of who or what I was meant to be though everything I was, was short of anything my big brother would’ve ever been in their eyes. So I threw my arms up… I rebelled.

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" single cover

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” single cover

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” integrated a sense of self-worth I never had. With lyrics like “I’m worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed” I realized the true notion of contentment, the idea of trying not to be the best son, but the idea to build myself up (without competing with anyone) from being the worst best son… I mean best worst son.
It’s because of this number that being an outcast or being made to feel like one will never move me.

"Give It Away" single cover

“Give It Away” single cover

Being born into this world, we are all born into different situations and backgrounds, yes I don’t have much, I never did.
But whatever little I do have is a lot,
It’s a lot because it’s been enough to keep the breaths I’ve taken coming likewise, the breaths I’m about to take going forward.

What I will forever struggle to understand is what on heaven did I do in/on the other side (before being born) that millions of kids who are born into poverty, infected with various diseases didn’t?

The hunger for wealth has never driven me as much as it drives some of my brothers as to me money doesn’t equate to respect nor does it equate to being God, but if God is love then “hell yes” altruism and selfless behavior equates to being God, not in any weird way but in a way that loving and giving is you allowing His name to live through you.

This is just a few lessons a song released by The Red Hot Chili Peppers 23 years ago titled “Give It Away” has taught me.

This may be the day I was born, but it’s not MY DAY, it’s yours too. Make the best of it.

"Give It Away" music video gif

“Give It Away” music video gif

“Giveraway, giveraway, giveraway now”