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The Pendulum: ADD Lovers

In my tender age of 21 I’ve learnt enough to know that this world will always give you love though the ‘love’ you get might not be what we’ve seen in Hollywood movies where a person A fall’s in love with person C and their bond fills the gap of B. Love is no Cinderella story it’s not simply ‘happily ever after’ in an optimistic light its more like ‘happily working it out ever after’.
Now question is when do we know we’ve found the one we can ‘happily’ work it out with ever after? I feel almost cliché for asking such an old and somewhat rhetorical question. But sometimes as humans we try so hard to find love even where it might not exist cause we’re scared of lonely. The idea of being stuck with all the materialistic success the world can provide and 29 cats as your family is quite scary. So we stick around even though we see that we are moving back forth like a pendulum hypnotized by the constant-stationary mobility.


“I’m a sweet
Little Love Maker
Finding Time
To make my words better”

FKA Twigs sings of a situation where some humans find themselves in, a situation where we belittle ourselves just so we could satisfy those we love. Allowing ourselves to be somewhere we might not be exactly feeling loved emotionally but if our bodies can get that little attention during love-making then that’s enough while we work on our speech so the dear lover can notice us as more.

And if I move on, I admit you’re gone. And I ain’t ready. And I’ll hold steady. Yeah I’ll hold you in my arms…”

Sia speaks of the possibility of moving on even though you’re not ready but for one to even reach that stage it’s quite a mission, you find yourself stealing time through the eye of the needle cause letting go of the one who’s made you feel whole and wanted is a process which no human being is always ready to begin. Holding on hoping to make it whole and together through the fire but darling its the lover who might have struck the matches and they waiting on just seeing you burn not because they suddenly hate you but the two of you might not be the perfect match so they will let you go, on the condition that you leave with scars that will remain a reminder of where you’ve been.

“You’re younger than I am broken.
I dance feelings like they’re spoken.
So my conversation is not enough”

Sometimes lovers might not be old enough to understand what you’ve been through neither do they understand that time is no human’s friend. So we express ourselves in more ways than the verbal manner. A conflicted lover might even start body-cutting just to speak these feelings which aren’t spoken and that doesn’t mean one needs to be taken to for a mental check up it’s just that ‘conversation is not enough’ to express what’s inside.
‘I see a body that could move the hardest in the room”
Most people around are quick to judge and speak of attention seeking when they see troubled people who speak their emotional pain through self-harming. We move the hardest just so we could intoxicate ourselves so much that we become numb to the emotional aches.
‘This is how I show my love… Blame it on my ADD baby”
I don’t want to sound subjective to one side as if only one person in a relationship is always wrong and the other is always right and abused. Both might be troubled. Failing to show their love properly.
Masochists who will find pleasure in going through pain together- ‘But I will never ever leave until the walls are caving in’- not willing to exit until all is burnt to ashes but even through the ashes we hope of phoenix resurrection powers.


Show your love the best you can. Don’t make anyone feel less for loving you.

Disclaimer : This article does not encourage self-harming of any sorts in the same breath neither does it judge it. We all go through pain and we deal with it differently.
I didn’t mean to sound all dark and sombre.

Words in inverted commas are quoted from a number of songs.
FKA Twigs- Pendulum
FKA Twigs- Video Girl
Sia- Eye Of The Needle
Rihanna- I Love The Way You Lie (Pt 2)

Thanks to Elihle Gwala for guest writing this one
Everything on this post > Courtesy of Elihle Gwala

Rock Stars Hate Cop Cars


The last time we saw Kanye collaborate with Rihanna on a single, the song came with a video where we saw Kanye mathematically align his words with good rhythm, with good timing wrapping our minds around this idea he was conveying, rhyming, rapping  on top of a cop car, This time he and the songstress are accompanied by one of the biggest rock stars alive, Of course the “odd” grouping meant fans who only listen to good music would listen to a song with an artist(s) who doesn’t do their kind of “good music”, yeap, in this number we get to see two worlds collide.


Musically, it’s a sight to see, socially divided they be. You know what they say, you can’t please everyone, It’s best to look at the good side, we’ve all heard about the glass being half full, saying we got 3 more days ’til Friday? Now that’s seeing the glass as a third full. It’s something unheard of, yet the sentiment is alive, it lives within all of us. “Rockstar” by the world’s most favourite rock band Nickelback (Yes, I’m being sarcastic) talks about how we all want to be rock stars, have fifteen cars, live by the hill, have a drug dealer on speed dial and all that good stuff, but do we all share the same idea of what a “rock star” is? Well, The Great Kanye West (I’m most probably being sarcastic here too) once said Rap is the new Rock & Roll, that rappers are the rock stars and he’s the biggest of them all. Not to take away anything from The Gad, The Great Nelson Mandela once mentioned how love is the most natural feeling us humans have. This is why we all hate self-righteous humans who feel sorry for us for hating the world because these know-it-all humans know that we weren’t always like this, that something bad must’ve happened to us to be the way we are.

“Woke up an optimist, sun was shining I’m positive
Then I heard you was talkin’ trash
Hold me back I’m bout’ to spaz”- Kany West in “Four Five Seconds”

Just to indulge myself on this post, Anthony Kiedis of The Red Hot Chili Peppers is in no way the greatest singer in the world, yet he’s been making it work, hell, he’s been making it work longer than I’ve been alive, singing and rapping as the frontman of one of the greatest rock bands of our time. That’s it, How I see it, that’s exactly what being a “rock star” is all about, it’s about taking whatever you have and making it work, it’s about making a single third of water count. Kanye and them other rappers would never win any singing contest, they’re rappers, yet they don’t hesitate to use every fibre of their voices for all it’s worth, hey, I’ve never been a fan of autotune but… they make it work.

“I think I’ve had enough, I might get a little drunk
I say what’s on my mind, I might do a little time
Cause all of my kindness, is taken for weakness”- Rihanna in “Four Five Seconds”

We started this post with a picture of a rap… excuse me, a rock star rapping on top of a cop car, it may seem ground breaking to younger fellows, not only that, some may argue it’s the greatest act of being “bad ass”. It’s amazing how bad ass is the new cool, it’s a rule we’re too cool not to follow, it’s a tool we us to façade our “weakness” with a darkness, a shadow, too strong to swallow the truth, shallow we bury our kindness.

Sad world. Good music.