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The 9th Daily Bread


We go to sleep in hopes of dreaming, steaming with passion we quote: No sleep for the wicked. In truth if you never sleep, you’ll never wake up, eyes shut, Blind is the mind, kind are the thoughts, so you put your eyes to the sun and say “I know you’re only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding”, finding that something one feels, something that needs no fee, something you can’t see but feel, Blind, we are reeled in, blind, we are the meal, like a moth drawn to a flame, burnt is our fate.

Blind. Said as a word, written as a word, there’s no telling which song I’m talking about. Placebo, Korn, Kesha, Jason Derulo and Hurts all have songs titled “Blind”, The “Blind” song I’m blogging about here is by none other than American alternative band Lifehouse, though not their biggest selling hit, it’s definitely one of their most moving. Before I dive into this number, ironically it’s very clear that the blindness we’re dealing with here is not physical, but rather mental, you might have heard of a band called Third Eye Blind, and their name is the simplest way to point out the not so physical blindness, that lack of enlightenment towards a situation, however big or small.

Though it’s common for love songs to be about a lover, a boyfriend, a girlfriend or that sort of thing. I’m gonna make this one about a love that goes beyond coincident, yes, this love goes beyond choice. Family love. Loving our parents, our brothers and sisters all our lives, we’re more inclined to giving them “tough love”. As a family, helping each other out, it can get hard to see if a family member (or at least someone who’s that close to you) is being harsh or perhaps hateful towards you or if they’re reinforcing tough love for your own betterment. It’s so easy to misinterpret love, and when it all escalates, it’s even easier to lose sight of why we’re here, why we’ve known each other for so long. Our love.