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Demon Low-Life



There have been many theories behind The Pied Piper, but I haven’t seen or heard any that link him to that illuminati “secret” society we’ve all ironically heard of. Think about it, why is a musical instrument used to “mislead” the children of Hamelin? Is this story perhaps telling us about the truth of the choke-hold the media today has over the youth’s individualism?… the oh so perfectly architected and hidden mind control tactics music has over us children of the son?

Without dwelling too much on the story, The Pied Piper is a character from a children’s book who offers his services to the rat infested city of Hamelin, well, he is hired to get rid of the rodents by luring them away with his magic pipe, upon doing so, the city fails to pay him, he then decides to retaliate by leading the children of Hamelin away as he had the rats.


Gorillaz frontman 2D (playing the keyboard) leading toddlers in “Dirty Harry” music video as they sing along

Have we failed to pay our dues? Were we doomed from the start? I don’t know, what I do know is we’re losing sense of ourselves, our humanity, we’re dancing along to the tune The Man is playing as we drift away we follow… loneliness scares us away from pulling away from the crowd, happily lost together, we march.

As kids turn into adults stories turn into legends, trees turn to bibles, life turns to death… God is our safest bet.


“Now and then it seems like a life is just too much, but you’ve got the love I need to see me through, When food is gone, you are my daily meal, When friends are gone, I know my saviors love is real, you know it’s real”

Most famously covered by Florence + The Machine, Candi Staton’s late eighties early nineties gospel-house hit carries what the early 70s late 60s members of the counterculture movement would consider the lionized words of a Jesus freak.

This number exposes the disposability of the things you and I hold so dearly, this being food, friends and everything under the sun, it speaks about the precious things in life you and I can go on without, versus the love we need to see us through this tremulous journey, the road less travelled, self discovery.