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Curiosity Healed The Cat


People mistake talking passionately about whatever subject for being a know it all. I can only speak for myself when I say I love being questioned and I love asking questions just as long as I’m given a chance to assume first just so I can feel like a (bad word)-hole later when I findĀ that I was wrong. It makes for a shameful yet colourfully creative journey. Look at “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, the biggest grunge song of all time. It’s title came about when someone painted/wrote on a wall (A real brick and cement wall); “Kurt smells like teen spirit” I wont get into the details of what that actually meant and what Kurt thought it meant, mostly because I’d like to think we all already know…. This post is about to take a weird turn. Watch it.

I’ve learnt that sometimes the best way to teach someone about something is to ask that someone about that something rather than telling that someone about that something, that’s when you’ll find that sometimes that someone who needed to be taught is actually you. We live and we learn, questioning is a fundamental tool to grounding oneself into this knowledge fertile soil we know as growth.

Amongst a few other artists, Sam Smith owned 2014 as far as music goes, though I’m not much of a fan I can never deny his talent lyrically or vocally, personally the only thing I really appreciated about his work was a five word lyric/sentence from his smash hit “Stay”, the part where he goes “Why am I so emotional?”; That sense of self-reflection or self-evaluation is hectically profound in my ears, He’s ASKING himself something. Asking generally means that you don’t know and admitting to yourself that your don’t know is naturally the first step to knowing, to growing, to pulling yourself together, to go on.

Having an intimate conversation with ourselves is something we all do, it’s how we function, it’s how we make decisions to go on and when that is cleverly incorporated into a song, we can’t ignore it, we can’t help but all stop and pay attention.

“So this is it? I sold my soul for this? I miss my mom and dad for this? No, When I see… When I see Stars that’s all they are”- FUN.

I couldn’t wrap this post up without mentioning “Some Nights” by FUN. The song embodies self-reflection, evaluating one’s life and deciding which path to take for one’s betterment. This number is also the last Alternative/Rock number to top The Billboard Hot 100 charts… or is it?