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Monday Sounds Like A Bad Word, Oh Snap! It’s Monday


Eve Rakow of The Frown

Someone once said, life is a movie, too bad there will never be a sequel. Honestly what could ever equal a sequel when the main character is no longer around? How I see it, a sequel doesn’t have to be bound by the existence of the main character. Life is bigger than we think, and once we see that, we will realise that we aren’t the main characters, but the things we believe and stand for are. Our actions are proof of our existence, and once an action causes a ripple effect like what’s happening right now, our existence is immortalized in that action. As long as someone takes inspiration or strength in something we’ve said or done, we’re invisible alive, we’re the whispers in the scream. We are alive in architecting a dream, we are the silent fuel, the unseen spark that ignites the VOICE that will take an individual, a generation forward.

Adding to my thoughts above, we all have different views as far as the afterlife and heaven go, but we all know that none of us are permanent residents of this beautiful yet painful to land on soil, Earth, we are all meer mortals, our flesh is defenseless against time, no heavy crime could ever steal time but it’s the ideas we have that can last forever, this post is in good rhythm with my last two post as I’ve been talking about the reworking of songs.

Going on a little tangent, something I’ve learned in my twenty odd years on this planet is how profoundly sober and quiet true heroism is, I was recently reminded of this when a brother came up to me and told me how a simple favour I had done for him had impacted him, how he was able to go visit his then sick daughter because of a bit of selflessness, it reminded me of a brother who once gave a helping hand in my family’s life, though he helped, I doubt he has any idea how much we really needed his help and how deep my appreciation still is almost ten years after the event.

We can never know the full consequences of everything we do, we can start something though we seldom see how it really ends, if it ever ends. Discovered by others, our actions, ideas, intentions take a life of their own.


When American funk rock band N.E.R.D released “Rock Star” as their second single from their 2001 debut album, they had no idea if South African band The Frown would ever exist, let alone rework their song to electronic pop perfection, Ladies and gentlemen, this is most definitely one of the best covers you’ve yet to hear, though side by side the two songs seem like two sides of a coin, the heart is all the same, pure genius.

Though The Frown seem to be taking a break from the scene, those silky vocals that served as the soul of the duo live on. Yeap, Eve Rakow has been seen as the “it girl”, a trend setter and an all-round artist in everything she does though between putting on her daring outfits she still finds time to do music, currently touring with Stolen Pony on their The Rumors Are True tour around Gauteng. Catch her and the band live on their 2 remaining dates, download every song she has ever done, solo or otherwise, you wont regret it. Cheers!

The Mad Adventures Of Super Girl


As a kid I remember a time in my life when I was so overwhelmed by all the great music being released at the time, part of me started fearing the possibility of artists running out of new good beats , new tunes, new melodies, new music. I couldn’t imagine anything ever possibly topping what was then currently on the radio.

I’m Alright In Bed But I’m Better With A Pen couldn’t have featured a better artist to convey the message I was trying to convey in it, that artist of course being the arguably most underrated artist of our time, Cyndi Lauper.

Back in ’06 The Soul Candy crew released “Time After Time”, to my young ears, it sounded so fresh, no, it sounded genius, it was magic to my ears… ’til my mother heard me play it, that’s when she broke it down to me. Originally done by Cyndi Lauper, “Time After Time” wasn’t as fresh as I thought it was, at least the melody and the words weren’t, and that ladies and gentlemen was when I really started understanding the whole concept of reworking and “sampling” songs. Of course we will get “new” music but there’s a million classic songs that can still be reworked and tweaked to don the sound of the season, to be relevant to the buying generation… some bands have made a career of this… reworking songs, Westlife being obvious suspects, One Direction is also bordering on that direction, and if you’re a fan, you’re probably mad at me for saying that, you’re also probably 12 years old and of course wouldn’t know which classics they’ve reworked.

With this new year we’re in, we can expect tons of new music, and with that, we’ll probably get an okay amount of “covers”. Covers can go either way, they can be better than the original, like when rock band Seether decided to do “Careless Whisper” by George Michaels/WHAM or when Florence + The Machine did “You’ve Got The Love”, When Marilyn Manson did “Tainted Love”, when The Fray did Kanye West’s “Heartless”… I could go on and on. On the other hand, one can easily hate an artist for screwing up with a great song, like when Miley Cyrus attempted singing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana…

Just looking at our itunes local charts, focusing on some of the top ten numbers, at number 7 we have the song that took us to 2015, “Koze Kuse” by DJ Merlon ft Mondli Ngcobo, a song about getting down til’ dawn, yet with a decent amount of attention, one can understand that it’s less about the current but more about party vibes that have already been experienced and being able to live off those high times. At number 3 we have the spanking new Kanye West ft Paul McCartney release titled “Only One”, a song Kanye feels was sung to him and through him by his late mother Dr Donda West to his daughter North West as in the early development of the song whilst listening to the recording, Kanye couldn’t recall actually singing the words “(Hello my) only one” which happens to be the meaning behind “Kanye”, a name his mother picked for him. At number 1… well, you won’t believe this, but at number 1 we have a cover song, Ben Haenow’s rendition of One Republic’s “Something I Need”, I can’t say if it’s better than the original but it definitely has South Africa and the rest of the world buying. Let’s see who’s at the top next time. Cheers.