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Classic Beauties & Virgins


It’s a known fact that Pharrell Williams had a massive year last year, especially because of his Despicable Me 2 soundtrack contribution, “Happy”, this number was such a global phenomenon it sparked a few jokes like how money can’t buy you happiness though “Happy” helped Pharrell buy a few new cars… well, shoot me for not remembering the joke word for word. Personally I wasn’t a big fan of that number though I’ve always hoped that if N.E.R.D ever reunited, it would be something for me to write about. Sampling the Spongebob Squarepants jingle, N.E.R.D have coined up a tropical themed number titled “Squeeze Me” as their contribution to the up + coming Spongebob soundtrack, If it worked once, why not do it again? Someone else who owned 2014 with their (movie) soundtrack contribution is of course Charli XCX with “Boom Clap”, I can name numbers of recent hits that happen to be part of a soundtrack album, instead, I’ll just mention one more from 1989… Wanna guess which one it’s gonna be?

Not to take away from the song, life is a journey and as soon as an individual is exposed to a song that corresponds to where they currently are in their journey the song becomes an instant companion, the individual holds on to it and with that said, a movie has the power to take one on a journey, whilst watching, we become the main character, we feel their pain their glory and everything in-between. Considering that a soundtrack is engineered to don or capture the theme, the feel of a movie, it only makes sense that upon experiencing every emotion within the movie, we feel we can relate to the theme song. It becomes our companion, it becomes a hit. That ladies and gentlemen is why we often find artists telling a story and taking us on a journey not just with their music, but with the videos that come along with the music.

Wrapping up my thoughts about Pharrell Williams and Soundracks, “Happy” was also featured on his 1st solo album in 8 years, the whole deal reminds me of the song title “Soundtracks and Comebacks” by Goldfish… (I’m not sure if I should label them as our local band since they’ve made their mark in Europe and other parts of the world,) nonetheless, Pharrell Williams made a huge comeback with his album “G I R L”, an album titled to honor female figures that have been part of his life, of course this is very refreshing as we have mother’s day and women’s day (here in SA) and on both these days we howl the fact of how we should honor our mothers, our nurturer(s), women in general 365 days a year rather than waiting for these “special” days to do so, yet howling about that movement is all we ever do.


This women’s work, this women’s world, this is my way of honoring women all over the world, the gender that gives birth to us, the 1st gender any of us made our first ever bond with pre-birth. A song that was not only written for a movie but also had a very grabbing story telling video is of course “This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush. “This Woman’s Work” is about being forced to confront an unexpected and frightening crisis during the normal event of childbirth, written in a father’s helpless point of view, this number explores the thoughts of an expecting father waiting in the waiting room, his prayers to the almighty and how HIS part is over, how He has given them this little life and how it’s time for him to take over, to man up… now starts the craft of the father.

Birth, it’s such a beautiful thing, ain’t it? at the same time it’s very unpredictable, it’s fickle, anything can happen as we all know that so many have died during such a beautiful event… giving birth. Reworked By R&B star Maxwell, the song remained golden over the years, most recently reworked by Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit, this number keeps coming back… which is good news for the next generation.

Life’s just a pace-car on death only less diligent and when the two collide, it’s no coincidence”