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Shouldn’t Talk About It

Stolen Dance EE

Like most people, I am proud of who I am, the colour of my skin as well as where I come from… I love my home city, but lets face it, it’s no secret that if ever a cool international act/artist comes to South Africa there’s but a foggy chance of them coming to my home town, Durban. It’s always Johannesburg and Cape Town. So naturally, when I first heard that Milky Chance would be heading to SA I wasn’t totally excited… Them coming to Durban was but a cloudy, milky chance… okay, I’ll stop.

This time I was in for a surprise, yea… I’m not sure why or how, but Milky Chance came to Durban.

I only started paying attention to the German folk/reggae/Electronica duo after hearing their hit number “Stolen Dance”, Which leads me to the question… how do I put it? Wait, that wasn’t the question…

Alright, I’ll just dive in.

If masturbation is sometimes referred to as a “lonely dance”, then what really is a “stolen dance”?

Now you’re probably thinking the song is about adultery, I think the same… but wait, it’s justified adultery (if there’s such). If you listen to the words in it, it appears the main character in the song is sweet talking his way out of a tight situation… Perhaps blaming loneliness for his actions of dancing with someone else (maybe he gets lonely because he and his love interest don’t get to see each other as often as they’d like)


I want you by my side

So that I never feel alone again…

I hope they didn’t get your mind

Your heart is too strong, anyway


Above, the main character is basically hoping that his love interest isn’t buying all the rumors and isn’t paying mind to all the obvious signs of him cheating… he’s hoping she’ll brush it off and follow her heart back to him.

From a different perspective, the main character on this song is but a victim of a long distance relationship, though the trust is there, he can’t help but wonder if his love interest is being as faithful as he is, if she’s enduring the pain and cold nights as he is.


Coldest winter for me

No sun is shining anymore

The only thing I feel is pain

Caused by absence of you

Suspense controlling my mind

I cannot find the way out of here


NOTE: The artwork I’ve selected illustrates how risky a “dance” a romantic relationship is, and how trust is an important building block… It’s dumb? Oh well, whatever, nevermind.