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Lonely Teenagers Broke Down My Groove


After spending so much time in a relationship with someone, is it ever a good idea to part over “differences” of a sort? I’d like to think not, but truth is, we do… But why do we allow this? Hell, what are all these differences about anyway?

Through the blossoming days we are most probably aware of what we like as well as what we don’t like about each other and it is in such a conscious setting that we are able to acknowledge a problem for what it is, a problem, a situation with an expiry date on it… Something we can sort out… It is when we lose sight of who we’re with and why we’re with them that we start seeing each other as the problem as opposed to seeing the situation as the problem that the “differences” are born… That’s when what we have is stamped with an expiry date.

We as people are not temporary, situations are, problems are. It’s when we start confusing each other with the situation we may be in that we blindly throw everything into the garbage bag.

Detach     your partner from     the problem, stop trying to solve your partner, solve the situation.


I want so much to open your eyes

‘Cause I need you to look, into mine


Lionized by pop culture (esp. TV series) “Open Your Eyes” by Snow Patrol has mostly been implied to be a literal opening of the eyes of a near death (or already deceased) loved one. It has been featured in both ER as well as Grey’s Anatomy to set the theme of distress of fearing the possibility or perhaps facing the fact of not being able to look into a loved one’s eyes ever again… The disbelief…

The song has also been used to ferry it’s more figurative message as the theme for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, perhaps suggesting that the nation should be awake and or aware of the situation, not only that but to be conscious of the necessary steps (voting for him) to help the situation the American nation may have been facing at that time.


Get up, get out, get away from these liars

‘Cause they don’t get your soul or your fire

Take my hand; knot your fingers through mine

And we’ll walk from this dark room for the last time


Words that can be applied to a personal relationship… A romantic relationship. We forget that we’re in it together, we start villainizing each other, we start blaming each other for the situation, for the space we’re in, instead of teaming our way out of that space, the dark room.