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If You Are What You Say You Are

It was two years ago when I found myself at a Pre-Durban July Fashion Show. I knew nothing (and still don’t) about fashion nor did I arrive early enough to see the fashion show but I got there just in time to see Jeremy Loops perform live. A friend had offered me a VIP ticket and I had to take it because I had to see Jeremy Loops. Unfortunately when I finally got to meet the guy I got so excited and starstruck all at the same time that the only thing I said to him is that I love his music… In reality, this was perhaps the one chance I had to exchange a few words of wisdom with him… Nonetheless, meeting him was good… It’s an experience I wouldn’t take away.

Jeremy Loops

“Life is an interesting journey

You never know where it will take you

Peaks and valleys, twists and turns

You could get the surprise of your life

Sometimes on the way to where you’re going you might think this is the worst time of my life

But you know what? At the end of the road

Through all the adversity

If you could get to where you wanted to be, you remember;

What don’t kill you makes you stronger

And all the adversity was worth it…”

-T.I in Live Your Life


I keep saying it and I wont stop saying it, South Africa is home to some of the greatest musicians in the world. On this post I’ll focus on one of the younger greats to come from our country, Jeremy Loops. If you’ve been following his career you’d know that though the genius, the talent and passion were always there, his career has had exponential growth over the last few years, topping charts, winning awards, he’s been doing it and through it all he still comes across as the Earth loving, “greening” inclined young man at his 2010 conservation celebration party. As stardom comes with a significant amount of work and stress, Jeremy still manages to give fans unclouded, twenty-four carat energy not only through the music but through interaction.

“If you have a closet full of clothes and you try to keep them all, your life will get very small. But if you have a full closet and someone sees something they like, if you give it to them, the world is a better place.”- Nina Hagen to Kiedis (She realized how young and inexperienced I was then, so she was always passing on gems to me, not in a preachy way, just by seizing on opportunity -Anthony Kiedis)

Often dismissed for it’s sexual overtone, “Give It Away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is actually about altruistic behavior, our God-given selflessness, the spirit of giving, whether it’s something tangible or a teaching… Paying it forward. This is exactly what Jeremy Loops has done as I’m about to quote him below. We all yearn to be on journeys in which we arrive, a journey where we actually get to the destination but one can never be certain what or where the destination truly is and with family, friends and society telling us what works what doesn’t work, what’s cool, what isn’t… it gets hard to hear our deepest voice. Our gut.

“If you can be brave enough and bold enough to try what you really enjoy, I think success does follow. That’s not just a thing successful people say”- Jeremy Loops