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3 Day Quote Challenge Round 2! (Day 3)

Made it! Okay, almost… At least as soon as I click the publish button… Yeap David of Chape Personal Trainer  was kind enough to nominated me for the 3 day 3 quotes challenge and yea, today is the last day… Kinda sad… By the way, I’d like to thank David once more and yes I think his blog is pretty awesome, so go check it out! CHECK IT!

Challenge’s rules:

  1. Post three consecutive days.
  2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.

We live in a time where time is money and everyone is using their time to make money… Chasing that dream and that billionaire status can sometimes consume us and who we are… We forget what’s important… And why we’re chasing these dreams in the 1st place… Today I’d like to share a quote I took from a song by The Kings of Leon titled “The Immortals”

“Spill out on the streets to start, ride away, find out what you are, face to face, Once you’ve had enough, carry on, don’t forget to love before you’re gone”

My nominees are:




Tastes Like Not Chicken

Colour, color, nationality, race, genre, black music, white music… So many boxes… We’re boxing ourselves, each other and everything around us. Yes, there is music we can each call our own, ancestral music that isn’t praised or produced in any other part of the world but our own… But like the words I write, you can’t put ownership on feelings… Listen…

Yes, we may all have a preference on the genres or the kind of music we mostly listen to, but how society is set up, there are cool genres and not so cool genres, some of us claim to only listen to a certain or a specific genre… I’m not one of those people because, yes, you’ve guessed it, I believe music is more than style, it is more than a tone, it is more than a melody, it is more than an instrument… Music is feeling, and whatever the genre or how much you don’t like the artist, if a song catches you at the right moment, you’re caught! Feelings everywhere… Going forward, whether you admit to feeling a song or not (assuming in your world it’s a style/genre or artist not generally considered as cool) is then your laundry to air.

Comedy movies are my favourite, they’ve always been my favourite though my most favourite movie is far from being a comedy…


Starring Leleti Khumalo, Yesterday is without a doubt one of the best movies I’ve ever seen… Yes, it caught me, it pinned me down, I felt it…

The movie is basically about a wife/mother who learns that she’s HIV+ and the self-dialogue and struggles that follow.

Living at the village she stays with just her daughter as her husband works by the city as a Miner… She seems to be faithful, but we can’t say the same for her husband… He also turns out to be abusive as he beats her up when she tells him that she had just found out that she has the virus… Lonely and bruised she travels back home from the city… Time and sickness would soon relieve the husband from his denial and whisper the truth through weak, hard coughs that he perhaps did have the virus… and that he had passed it on to his wife…


Boys working on empty

Is that the kinda way to face the burning heat?

I just think about my baby

I’m so full of love I could barely eat

There’s nothing sweeter than my baby

I’d never want once from the cherry tree…


As his health gets worse, he finally returns to his wife and daughter… Some how, his wife finds it in herself to take care of him, and nurse him as she had to deal with suddenly being treated like an outsider by her stigma ruled neighbours… shunned by many she once knew as friends…


Boys, when my baby found me

I was three days on a drunken sin

I woke with her walls around me

Nothin’ in her room but an empty crib

And I was burning up a fever

I didn’t care much how long I lived

But I swear I thought I dreamed her

She never asked me once about the wrong I did


Driven by her wish to see her little daughter go to (her 1st day of) school she is in steady health, but tired of her nosey neighbours and how they were treating her and her husband for being HIV+ and the hospital not being able to accommodate her husband she builds a shack in solitude where she continues to nurse him as his health unfortunately gets worse…


My babe would never fret none

About what my hands and my body done

If the Lord don’t forgive me

I’d still have my baby and my babe would have me…


The movie is definitely about love, forgiveness and of course willpower… She had promised herself that she’d take her daughter to her 1st day of school… Then and only then will the virus be allowed to do as it pleases with her… The husband is as loving as can be towards his wife and daughter as his life slips away…


When my time comes around

Lay me gently in the cold dark Earth

No grave, can hold my body down

I’ll crawl home to her…


Song: Work Song by Hozier


Sipping Whiskey Out The Bottle & Catching Feelings



Every carpet, every floor

Everywhere I look I fall…

As I rise up through each floor

Shit gets dark when you lose it all

I can hear it coming, I can hear the drumming…



The first time most of the world started paying attention to Naughty Boy was when he released that lalala number with Sam Smith on vocals. Of course Sam Smith would shortly make his own mark with “Stay With Me”, a number he has said to be about the morning after.

Yes after a crazy night under the influence or not, many make decisions without really thinking them through or how it will affect them in the long run… Sticking on what “Stay With Me” is about, or at least what I get from it… Some of us handle one night stands better than others… As some may cling on after one… Some wont even stay to cuddle… It’s strictly business… “No One’s Here To Sleep’, another Naughty Boy number, though this time he has Dan Smith, the frontman of British rock band BASTILLE on vocals… The song can easily be about a failed relationship and how often things end with one party stuck to deal with the puddle of badword the relationship has left them in whilst the other is inclined to quickly keep it moving as they float away…


You were always faster than me

I’ll never catch up with you…

Oh I can feel them coming for me…


On the flip side “No One’s Here To Sleep” could be exactly about just that… We each have our own journeys and caught up in our journeys and their successes we might look down on those who seem less successful in their journey, as if they’re in La La land, asleep… They need to wake up… Truth is, no one is here to sleep, everyone has their own purpose… In the bigger scheme, no one human is more important than the other, yes, it’s such a cliché but the biggest race is not against each other but against ourselves… us and ourselves…


Hit the ground and start runnin’

‘Round the street where you grew up

Make a sound, write a story you can tell

For us, for us and ourselves



Songs: Stay with Me by Sam Smith, No one’s Here To Sleep by Naughty Boy ft Dan Smith, Us & Ourselves by Morning Parade



Lips Like They Be Singing Sexed Up Strawberry Songs



Photo of my gran with some of her grandchildren and their friends. It was taken about 6 years before I was born

Kids want to be at the cutting edge of something new, they can praise and love icons that were made before they we born, yes, but being at the forefront of the making of an icon they can claim as their own is what they’re here for. Being at the cutting edge or birth of the next legend is what they live for and it is without a doubt that I say Lady Gaga is one of those legends this generation can claim as their own. With a string of hits to her name we can all debate which is and which isn’t her greatest or best song though I’ve always felt The Edge of Glory is one of her most honest numbers as it speaks of the very last moments of life.

The song lyrics are inspired or influenced by Lady Gaga’s grandfather’s death and the impact it had on her… Yes we all want to be at the forefront of something new, but what happens when we find ourselves on the midst of something not so new? Something that’s about to end…


I’m on the edge, of glory

And I’m hanging on a moment with you


As a baby I found a best friend in my grandmother, she had already been a grandmother to +17 others before me and time was catching up to her, but I didn’t know that… At least I didn’t want to…

As I grew older, like anyone else would, I ignored how I may not have her in my adult life… I had only known her for as many years as I had lived, she was still very young in my time with her as every moment grew special… It was only when she really fell ill and was taken to hospital that I had to face reality… still I refused, I refused to see her in the vulnerable state she was in during her last days… Hanging on ropes, hanging on hopes of her coming back home… Maybe it was selfish of me, yes, I did it ’cause I knew I wouldn’t be able to face the truth… the possibility of her not coming back home… It was only when she asked for me to come see her that suddenly I felt I could do it… that I could stand seeing her lie helplessly in that hospital bed… To share with her what may be her final moments… but it was a moment… 4 minutes too late…


3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge Day 2

It’s that’s time again! By now I think we all know that Anand of blabberwockying!  nominated me for this challenge and yea, we know how awesome he is and how we should set away time to check out his blog and say hi to him… don’t be shy, he’s cool!


Challenge rules

1. Post 3 consecutive days

2. You can pick one or three quotes per day

3. Challenge three different bloggers per day



Since I speak music, breathe music, smell music, think music… I can’t help but once again quote words from a song… Today I’m taking it home.


“Your worth is worth nothing when it’s at someone else’s cost”- The Parlotones in Push Me To The Floor

My Nominees today are…

AIMazing Grace

From Crazy, With Love



South African Hard-core Ebony Porn


I find that one of the biggest reasons happy people who have everything in common break up is because they finally realize that they don’t have everything in common. We’re all individual beings after all and to base the substance of any relationship on being able to agree with someone about everything means that you don’t get to test the threshold of the tolerance between the two, you don’t get to test the flexibility nor the respect you have towards each other when not in agreement… until you’re in too deep.


Open up your eyes

You keep on crying, baby I’ll bleed you dry

Skies are blinking at me

I see a storm bubbling up from the sea

You shimmy-shook my boat

Leavin’ me stranded all in love on my own


You know those four-five seconds when you’re wilding and want to run your head into the wall cos you tuned in just to catch the last ten seconds of that number you like? You ask yourself; Why the hell didn’t I tune in sooner? Much like when you realize something, you just can’t help but wish you had realized it sooner.

I myself have dated people who I thought I had so much in common with but it all ended. In fact supergirl is the only girl I’ve went into a relationship with knowing very well that I only had a few fundamentals in common with, otherwise, she and I are very different, which is good for everyone else because that means it’s very hard for us to be annoying as a couple, we balance each other out, when she wants to breakup, I wanna make up, when I wanna breakup, she wants to make up, she likes her marshmallows pink, I prefer mine white…

It’s not about how happy they make you, it’s not about how in love you are, it’s about how you handle each other’s differences…


You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop

But you fit me better than my favourite sweater

And I know, That love is mean

And love hurts


Headfirst Slide Into Umlazi Township On A Bad Bet

No One1

Taking Las Vegas Home may have been about a lover or an ex lover who’s struggling to grasp the possibilities of his or her lover finding someone better than him or her, someone to have something “more” with, someone who’s gonna love their lover better than they ever did…

They don’t know if it’s possible since their love for the person was or is or seems so unrivaled… Trying hard, still, they can’t see why either of them should look elsewhere for what they already had…

Didn’t I take you to… higher places, you can’t reach without me?

But what if we took a darker approach to the situation, what if the heartbreaker is so twisted that they say such words not out of their great undying love for the person but as an attempt to manipulate their heartbroken lover into putting up with the toxic relationship… Trying to make them believe that they can’t get anything better than what they’re giving them… No one’s ever gonna love you more than I do… the words go… the song knows… the song goes…

It’s looking like a limb torn off

Or altogether just, taken apart

We’re reeling through an endless fall

We are the ever-living ghost of what once was

No One3

Once reworked by Cee Lo Green for his 3rd studio album conveniently titled Lady Killer, “No One’s Gonna Love You” was originally done by The Band Of Horses for their second album Cease To Begin.

Yes, before Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie” or Rihanna’s “We Found Love” video, we had the “No One’s Gonna Love You” video accompanying Cee Lo Green’s rendition of the song. In a nutshell, all three videos are basically one and the same thing. Assuming you’ve seen at least one of the three, I don’t need to focus on the actual happenings of the video but the song itself…

Unfortunately most of us at some point in our lives find ourselves in a relationship where we have to deal with a heart that wasn’t broken by us… As we can all mull about the challenges that come with such a relationship, let’s rather attempt to delve deep into the mind of the person who perhaps is responsible for breaking the heart.

No One2

Getting into your first ever serious relationship, you often hope it will last forever, as you invest your all into the love, disappointment teaches you otherwise…

But someone

They could’ve warned you

When things start splitting at the seams and now

The whole thing’s tumbling down

After the first relationship, you go into the next relationship, aware of the disappointment that may follow, making you somewhat hold back a bit of yourself… In some cases, most of yourself… You become, the everliving ghost of what once was… No more bright eyes and a bushy tail…

No one’s gonna love you more than I do

Aware of what he/she has done, the heartbreaker feels that the ex lover is less likely to walk into another relationship as fearlessly and as wholly as they did with them… That no one, will ever get to see how much of a lover they once were, unbruised, uncurled… unbetrayed…

Or so they think

No One4